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To not understand why people pay for sky?

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CanAnybodyMakeSenseofThis Fri 26-Apr-13 22:20:57

Due to technical issues, I'm running my tv through an old sky box I found in the loft. I don't have a subscription so can't watch any of the sky channels. However, I can see the listings.

It's so much poo it's unbelievable. Why do people pay for this?? Are they mad?

musu Thu 02-May-13 22:51:34

But if you never had Sky you'd be on whatever series of NCIS they are showing on C5 along with the rest of us and saving £30/month!

I suppose it comes down to how important tv is in your life. I will watch tv but I can take it or leave it in terms of following series.

LadyIsabellaWrotham Thu 02-May-13 23:42:55

I've never had Sky, but I do find that being a year behind the rest of the world for GOT means you inevitably get spoiled. I'm not sure it would be the same for NCIS or Haven, because they're not so central to the Zeitgeist, so you probably wouldn't be spoiled accidentally in the course of a random newspaper article, but you'd still have to exercise quite a lot of self-control - I found out the ending of House despite promising myself I'd stay away from TWOP.

LtEveDallas Fri 03-May-13 06:30:23

If you are on any fan sites, or even MN, things like TWD get spoiled because fans chat about the current episode whilst its ongoing! I record with series link all the stuff I like and watch it later with no ads - it means I have to avoid the sites I otherwise enjoy. I was caught out in Series 2 of TWD when my FB showed a picture of a Zombie major character about an hour after the airing of the current episode! It was a shocker!

I don't watch much TV, maybe 2 hours a day, but in those 2 hours I only want to watch what I want to watch. So that's why I happily pay for it.

LauraShigihara Fri 03-May-13 07:00:21

We are leaving Sky this month because we have the old problem of finding something to watch out of hundreds of channels.

We usually watch things on the beeb which defeats the object of having Sky really.

I will miss TWD and Game of Thrones dreadfully but I can look forward to the box sets. DH watches nothing on Sky shock

We are getting Freesat instead as we are rural and the picture isn't too good otherwise.

Three months and it will start paying for itself.

MumnGran Fri 03-May-13 07:00:34

Sky has restored my faith in TV that I want to watch!
I benefit from the occasional superb series (such as GoT) but most of all from retreat into older programmes or informative programmes. It is a relief to watch the box without a constant stream of bad language, psych treatments for the obsessively overweight , psych treatments for the obsessively skinny, gay banner waving, sexual antics, sexual problems ......and heaven help us, the appalling behaviours of a band of people from Essex.

I have obviously transformed into a 21st century Mary Whitehouse mimic .....but it does seem that she was spot on in her predictions.

Give me Sky options every time.

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