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to be slightly hmm about the Diet Coke campaign?

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JennifersBody Fri 26-Apr-13 17:54:09

Diet Coke has started to include names on their bottles, such as -

Share a Diet Coke with James.

All the names I've seen are just names like - Lucy, Louise, Phil.

Nothing at all to reflect the diverse multi cultural country we now live in.

But maybe I'm being unreasonable as they are a company and they want to market something that will sell .... and maybe I'm just pissed off as they'd never have my name grin

mrscumberbatch Fri 26-Apr-13 18:04:34

If they're running the same campaign in China there will be a lot of Lucy, Louise and Phil's a bit miffed that it's not very multi cultural wink

I wouldn't worry about it. Diet coke is bogging anyway grin

StuntGirl Fri 26-Apr-13 18:07:55

Probably some demographic study they've done says not many Rameez/Parveen/Wictoria/Tomasz/Ricardo's drink the stuff.

Not that the Lucy's, Louise's or Phil's of the world should either. Agree with mrscumberbatch's eloquent appraisal of it grin

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