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to think celebrities control their pregnancy weight gain?

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wonderingifiam2013 Fri 26-Apr-13 13:12:46

Because they all look bloody gorgeous! envy

I'm small in height and weight but managed to whilst living on cake for TEN months during my last pregnancy gain near on 4 stone blush

Although I did lose the weight quite quickly afterwards, I felt so out of breath by the end of my pregnancy, and so big afterwards, that I don't want to gain so much this time.

So - is it safe to 'control' your weight during pregnancy - and in control I don't mean starve/cut intake below suggested calories ... I just mean eat very healthy foods and keep an eye on the cake which I will still eat at least once a week grin

I have friends who throw away the scales for the duration of their pregnancies and eat everything in sight, and those who gain a neat bump, keep slim faces not like my balloon head! and slip back into their skinny jeans a couple of weeks after giving birth

I want to be in the skinny jeans group this time - is that so bad?

(p.s - I'm guessing a 4 stone weight gain is quite unhealthy really blush)

Pudgy2011 Fri 26-Apr-13 16:30:30

Having been overweight in my late teens (too my pot, booze and pizza no doubt), I've always thought of myself as a fat girl in a skinny body.

When I fell pregnant with DS1, I was sick and on tablets for 13 weeks and following the return of my appetite, fully expected to become ravenously hungry and that I would have to be careful with my diet. Not so. I didn't really feel hungry and the only foods I craved were carrots and spicy hummus. And when I did fancy an ice cream, baby decided it didn't like it and made me get sick.

By the end of it I put on about 20lbs - baby arrived weighing 6lb 5oz and I'd lost all but 3lbs by my first post-natal check one week after birth. I like that it's all about weight. Sure, I wasn't far off my pre-pregnancy weight but I was still a wobbly, booby, gelatenous mass!

But I was lucky and it's genetic. My family are skinny. 3 months after birth I was 130lbs with massive boobs from breastfeeding and I loved it. Then I started breastfeeding and the weight came back.

I think I'd be more inclined to "respect" a person in the public eye, if they stepped out a week or two after birth looking like a normal person - Jessica Simpson for example.

But then if you judge yourself by celebrity standards, you need a reality check.

Squitten Fri 26-Apr-13 16:42:02

I've been very lucky with my pregnancies so far (currently pregnant with DC3).

First time around, I didn't put on too much and pretty much went back to how I was before. Second time around, I didn't out on too much either but I BF that time and it was miraculous! I lost over 30lbs purely from BF and went from a size 16 down to a 12. Now I'm doing it again and watching the weight slowly beginning to rise but so far nothing to worry about. I get small bursts of crap craving every so often, which I assume must chime with when the baby suddenly wants more stuff, but I do worry that my lovely weight loss last time will all be ruined this time around. Fingers crossed BF will work some magic again!

Celebrity lives are so far removed from normal, it's totally futile to compare them with yourself. And hey, at least if you have a few wobbly bits post-partum, you won't have some obnoxious photographer zooming in on them for a nice close-up splashed across the DM front pages!

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