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to feel utterly let down and give up?

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ruledbyheart Thu 25-Apr-13 11:25:09

Ok probably am but would like to think I'm not BU
My mum wanted to have DC1 last weekend its taken me 3 yrs building a relationship with her to trust her to have him but we made all arrangments etc but last weekend my sister wanted to go on the piss and as a single mum her needs were greater so my mum cancelled last minute to have my.nephew instead, fine DC1 a little upset but we rearranged for this weekend.

For the last 3 days I have been trying to get hold of my mum to make sure the plans hadn't changed again and she sent me this text message last night.

As im guessing you will react badly to this bit of news,i have decided to text ya rather than ring. What can i say,im a coward. When you have calmed down and accept the situation was unavoidable,you may then phone or text me. Im afraid that i am unavailable to have DC1 this wkend. It concerns sis im afraid,so as you both dont want to know about each not at liberty to discuss why. Sorry about that,but thats how its to be. I can and do still want to have him and the others,but i just cant do this wken. Love mum. I am sorry. Xxx

So yet again DS1 has been messed around and will be upset when I tell him.

I went on Facebook and put a status up about how I now again have to rearrange my plans for the weekend, suddenly I get a message through Facebook from my sister sending me a load of abuse telling me her needs are greater and to fuck off whinging, she isn't on my Facebook so has only seen my status through a mutual friends profile.

It turns out my mum has got my sister living with her at the moment and thats why she cant have DS1.

Aibu to think instead of texting my like that she could have still had DS1 (not sure why she cant as DS1 would have slept in with mum anyway) or arranged to take him out instead for the day instead of letting him down and upsetting a 5yr old boy again?

I text back saying that I was disappointed that she couldn't discuss it like adults and think its best that we dont tell DCs when she makes plans so when she lets them down they aren't aware and therefore not upset, but she hasn't responded and probably wont.

Just a note to say there is a lot of history with this and I don't have a great relationship as she used to have MH issues and I had a difficult childhood (she is better now) with her and since moved on her request to be closer for her to see DCs she has let them down alot.

diddl Thu 25-Apr-13 14:51:10

I don't get why the mother is stuck between OP & her sister.

She chose to have her other GC so that OP's sister could go out rather than stick to original arrangement.

She chose not to have OP's child because sister & her child are living with her-that one may be reasonable, I don't know.

But then she didn't ask to go to OP's or make another arrangement-just cancelled.

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