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To think ' bin dipping' is a fkin disgrace.

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chosenone Wed 24-Apr-13 21:17:06

A personal vent /rant whatever. I am so embarrassed to even mention this to anyone in RL . My brother has long term drug issues and until recently we were not speaking after he stole and pawned my jewellery, for my parents sake we are, albeit it strained. I saw him earlier with a bag over hos shoulder and wearing gloves so pulled over toask what he qas up to.
He was being shifty so I asked him if he had stolen goods. He then admitted he had a bag of stuff from waitrose bins. He aopened his bag and he had shepherd s pies, cold meats and youghurt s. I made it clear I was disgusted and he said it was desperation that drove him, and he reckons another dozen to ' bin dip ' he said greggs is a other good spot. I said normal people would spend their money on food not drugs. He tried to justify hi.self. He also raid ashtray s for baccy and finds himself dimps. I have spoke to my parents and they have their head firmly in the sand, they know what he is but theres nothing they can do. NothingI can do either he Iis 35, single and has not worked for over 3 yrs. Its frustrating, disappointing and disgusting all at the same time.
We live in an affluent tourist town and it seems my brother is part of an underclass who think bin dipping and dimp hunting are normal. His ex gf used to get all her clothes from bags left outside charity shops. Ffs It was so much easier havi g zero contact.

VisualiseAHorse Fri 26-Apr-13 09:25:12

Wasn't living at home by that point, I/we were hungry and skint.

I don't understand what is so disgusting about it? Is it because the things have come out of a bin? We were always quite careful to only take things that were still wrapped up - and we were also pretty sure that some of the shops left the 'best' things on the top so you never had to dig too hard.

I think it's far more disgusting that all that food can be thrown away when there are thousands of children living in poverty in this country.

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