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To want some answers about Peppa Pig and her universe?

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CrazyOldCatLady Tue 23-Apr-13 20:03:50

For instance:
A) Are George and Richard Rabbit G&T? They've just set up Dinosaur World in George and Peppa's bedroom, with an upturned laundry basket as a volcano, a forest of toy trees and a river made of blue building blocks. They're not like any 18 month old I've ever seen!

B) Do you have no choice but to marry the only available instance of the other gender of your species in existence? How did Mrs Rabbit and Miss Rabbit decide who got to marry Mr Rabbit?

C) Why did Daddy and Mummy Pig call George George when it so definitely doesn't start with P? Did she not get shot down on a Baby Names thread for that one?

Wallace Tue 23-Apr-13 20:43:57


picnicbasketcase Tue 23-Apr-13 20:44:10

I would be fascinated to know how it is decided which animals are anthropomorphised and which are pets. Why is Steven the stuck insect in a tank instead of wandering around the mountain beauty spot?

Actually, why is it, whenever they get lost and need directions, the instruction is always 'keep going straight ahead on the road you're on'?

TSSDNCOP Tue 23-Apr-13 20:44:25

Cool also fireperson, balloonist, scrap metal merchant recycling plant

George has his second birthday at the dinosaur museum.

Where is this land of steep hills upon which only one home can be built?

Wallace Tue 23-Apr-13 20:44:28

Oh yes are Miss Rabbit and Nanny Plum voiced by the same actor?

CrazyOldCatLady Tue 23-Apr-13 20:45:04

According to the nick jr site (I had to check!), Peppa is 4 and George is (a rather unconvincing) 18 months.

Yes, the Queen shouldn't be human, the animals' sizes are rubbish and birds generally are discriminated against.

picnicbasketcase Tue 23-Apr-13 20:45:24

Peppa and George's cousin Chloe has the 'wrong' initial too.

LuisGarcia Tue 23-Apr-13 20:45:29

When they make spaghetti and meatballs, which one of their friends do they mince?

They're Findus meatballs, so presumably Pedro.

TSSDNCOP Tue 23-Apr-13 20:46:03

Quef what do you mean new B&H voices?

Is there an outrage for me to get on?

nenevomito Tue 23-Apr-13 20:46:31

Grandpa pig is a retired surgeon with a very healthy pension. He has a long history with Granddad Dog. They both went to school together, but Granddad dog had to leave early to work in his Dad's garage before taking over the business. He's always been frustrated that G Pig had all of the opportunities.

Danny Dog's mum was a bitch, which is why he now lives with his granddad.

TSSDNCOP Tue 23-Apr-13 20:46:48

It should be Pedro. He really is pony.

SuffolkNWhat Tue 23-Apr-13 20:47:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oodsigma Tue 23-Apr-13 20:47:32

I need to see more episodes I've only watched about 5, over and over!

VivClicquot Tue 23-Apr-13 20:48:43

Gasp! Pedro is the best thing about Peppa Pig. Pedro The Cowboy is the best episode. Fact.

CokeFan Tue 23-Apr-13 20:48:46

I think there's more than one Miss Rabbit.

Mummy Pig does "something with computers" and Daddy Pig is some kind of engineer.

Several of the voice actors in PP are also in Ben and Holly.

George isn't the only non-alliterative name - there's also Chloe and Alexander Pig.

DuffyDuck Tue 23-Apr-13 20:48:47

Daddy Pig's parents live abroad; they once sent a parcel with a toy horse for Peppa and George.
Edmund Elephant is at Madame Gazelle's play group, as seen in the "Train ride" episode.
There seem to be problems with "eating each other", especially when it comes to Daddy Wolf (who asks what Daddy Pig's house is made of, to which Daddy Pig replies "It's made of bricks, so don't even think about it!").
Mr Potato is a potato abomination, and the children actually ask him at some point why he's so big and has legs!

But where do the children get their education when they've outgrown the playgroup?

Pedro Pony's Dad is the optician and gives Peppa an eye test.

I like Peppa Pig, especially Grumpy Rabbit ..... blushes and recedes into dark corner

TigerFeet Tue 23-Apr-13 20:48:55

Oh yes I forgot about Chloe. How could I? shock dd2 would be horrified grin

What's all this about B&H voices? Nanny Perlumm and the Wise Old Elf are still the same, surely?

Bobyan Tue 23-Apr-13 20:49:23

How is madame Gazelle still teaching? Gazelles don't live as long as pigs and she taught mummy and daddy pig.

nenevomito Tue 23-Apr-13 20:49:43

Also, Grandpa and Granny Pig did their best to stop Mummy Pig from marrying Daddy Pig as they felt he wasn't good enough. Mummy Pig was going through a rebellious stage and went ahead anyway. It turned out OK, but after the kids went back to work full time as Daddy Pig will never make it past junior management.

TigerFeet Tue 23-Apr-13 20:49:53

Mummy Pig is an MNer


DuffyDuck Tue 23-Apr-13 20:50:09

Oh, and Miss Rabbit is Mummy Rabbit's sister - she works as a nurse in the hospital where Mummy Rabbit is giving birth to her twins!

TSSDNCOP Tue 23-Apr-13 20:50:48

I'm sorry Viv but you are quite simply wrong.

He cannot remember his line in the panto, he loses his ticket, he is late for school trips, he breaks his leg (for which the treatment should have been the humane killer) and gives everyone a cough including Dr BB.

He is shit. Fact.

DuffyDuck Tue 23-Apr-13 20:51:23

Madame Gazelle will outlast them all.

PrincessOfChina Tue 23-Apr-13 20:51:52

How many episodes are there? I've had my TiVo box three months and I've already got 157 episodes recorded.

If Peppa is 4.5 how come she's not at actual school? Is she a September born?

thingamajig Tue 23-Apr-13 20:51:59

I think only mammals can talk. The non talkers that I can think of are the ducks, Polly, the fish and the stick insect.
This being Mumsnet, I'm sure someone will point out a mammalian non-talker and an invertebrate talker soon though.

alittlebitcountry Tue 23-Apr-13 20:52:37

Pedro's Dad is an optician.
Mr Wolf is definitely sizing up Daddy Pig for dinner.
Daddy Pig seems to have unlimited patience, they are always giving his cake away to the ducks.

Only mammals are people, other creatures are just, well creatures, but WHAT is going on with Mr Potato?

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