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to tell him what he can do with the

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playpen80 Mon 22-Apr-13 19:53:20

Vacuum cleaner.
So I have not had the best day. Sahm to 3 dc. 2 primary age dc and a 6 month dd. Had doctors appoint so out of house most of pm and dd hardly slept so have not got much done over and above essentials.
Dh is not exactly hands on with dc or housework. So it is pretty much down to me.
I mentioned i had to take dd to clinic and he said you can get the vacuum cleaner out when you get back. (To dd)
Wibu to tell him what to do with hoover.
I am currently putting dd to bed whilst dh is chilling. Grr.

YouTheCat Mon 22-Apr-13 19:56:08

Hand him the vacuum cleaner and tell him that's the nearest he'll be getting to sex for a while. grin

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