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AIBU what's with the whole 'nethuns' nonsense?

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AuchAyethenoo Mon 22-Apr-13 19:37:44

I'm quite happily a member of both forums, I get lots out of both, but it does REALLY rip my knitting when a few on MN call it net'huns'.

Dare I say I actually find it quite an offensive term, being from Glasgow the word 'hun' has very particular connotations in a sectarian form.

I know there is a fairly large cross over of users, so why with the hate people?

OnTheNingNangNong Fri 26-Apr-13 12:33:04

Scarlet- I had a football emblem as my pic and loved locking horns with the mods grin

VitoCorleone Wed 24-Apr-13 21:58:47

I never really noticed much problem with David M, another guy that was on there was a real cunt though, couldnt stand him, wont say who but im sure other netmums will know who i mean (although a few thought he was ace hmm )

ScarletLady02 Wed 24-Apr-13 14:20:30

Oooh who are you NingNang??

Yes David is still opinion of him is wavering as he left me a really sweet message about my Mum today.

OnTheNingNangNong Wed 24-Apr-13 11:46:45

Ooh Scarlet- I thought you looked familiar in your pics, now I know why! I've always been envy of your hair.

David is still allowed on Huns but I'm not? Arseholes. grin

ParadiseChick Wed 24-Apr-13 10:41:07

I'm sure she was Julie something. Could be wrong.

ScarletLady02 Wed 24-Apr-13 07:51:13

I think I know who you mean...though there are a few of those.

I avoid child benefit cut threads like the plague...I'm not affected so didn't see the point...they used to end up about 50 pages long in a day or so.

ParadiseChick Wed 24-Apr-13 07:40:16

Scarlett your one of the few others I'd agree with over there!

There was one sigh nippy mare I kept coming across, all she would say is 'you must not judge', her sig was something about not judging others but Jesus fuck she was the judgiest fucker around!

I used to cringe on threads about child benefit cuts where some people genuinely thought their hubbys were gettin taxed 40% on their whole salary.

DizzyZebra Wed 24-Apr-13 01:39:15

Oh and babycentre birth boards... I got witch hunted for telling a ftm that unless shed been licking her cats arse, wiping it across the worktops or her food, or rubbing the litter tray contents on her face that she probably did not have toxoplasmosis.

This was after two negative test results from her HCP and about the 12th fucking time shed asked.

Also got accused of lying about pregnancy loss because I hadn't listed it in my signature. This was when I told a woman she didn't sound like she was having ectopic symptoms (given she was about 9 weeks and wouldn't be in a fit state to be telling us about them if she were, but to get checked if concerned).

pollywollydoodle Wed 24-Apr-13 01:31:45

cheers compos...learn something every day

DizzyZebra Wed 24-Apr-13 01:27:25

Fits, not diets

DizzyZebra Wed 24-Apr-13 01:26:56

Can't get my head round the damned site.

The only thing I dislike about mumsnet is the fact I keep hitting report on my nexus. But a fair few mobile websites have unfortunately placed buttons.

I have a small ticker on another website saying how far I am in my pregnancy. It is not glittery and diets in with the background. It is because I am a genuine twat and keep forgetting how far I am.

Counting on the calendar is too much effort.

ComposHat Wed 24-Apr-13 01:21:14


A Tim is a Catholic.

Sometimes also used to refer to fans of Celtic, who traditionally draw their support from the Catholic community.

pollywollydoodle Wed 24-Apr-13 00:33:01

i never realised that hun was anything but puke-tastic

squoosh i need to know what a Tim is now

SomethingOnce Wed 24-Apr-13 00:01:33

They call us The Dark Side <<proud>> but only cos the mods won't let them call us Wankers

I'm a wanker and proud of it.

Knock yourselves out, hunz grin

crazynanna Tue 23-Apr-13 23:15:20

grin Jon

On the frequent "How old are we all...." threads...I was always the oldest hmm

JonHammsTrouserSnake Tue 23-Apr-13 22:31:54

Netmums put me off parenting sites for years. I have a grudge.

I could have been early MN royalty. I old have been a legend. Ffs I could have been a moldie.

ComposHat Tue 23-Apr-13 22:29:53

I live in Scotland but I never made the connection between Nethuns and the Sectarian use of the term. I think a website of this ilk specifically for hardliners within the unionist community could be useful.

Your paradez your rulez. lol

My sexy Lil bub looks so gawjuss with his flute and sash.

Counters for the glorious 12th

and lots of orange rather than pink.

JonHammsTrouserSnake Tue 23-Apr-13 22:25:01

grin at carzynanna's cunty ticker.

Are the huns too young for you to delight them with your menopause tales and the rabbitcam?

VitoCorleone Tue 23-Apr-13 22:08:01

Ha its ok, we definatley spoke but i wasnt one of the popular posters that everyone remembers sad grin

Towards the end of my time there i just spent most of it on the Savvy shoppers thread (lovely ladies on there)

crazynanna Tue 23-Apr-13 21:58:41

Oh dear Vito...I suspect this was all before the menopause that has bestowed itself upon I do not even remember my own name. But I bet I liked you smile

tallulahturtle Tue 23-Apr-13 21:51:52

I've never been on NM but I've just had a look and one thing that stood out is that there are an awful lot of posts where the viewing figures for the post are very high but the replies are very low. At least on here, even if people don't know what advice to give, they just offer their support rather the just lurking.

VitoCorleone Tue 23-Apr-13 21:45:41

CrazyNana i wont say my name but my avatar over there is a pic of the same person my nick name is here. We PMd once when i guessed who you where on here and was thinking of joining MN

ScarletLady02 Tue 23-Apr-13 21:43:21

He actually likes makes me cringe...

crazynanna Tue 23-Apr-13 21:40:58

He's a card...ain't he? <snort>

Actually...he once passed me a compliment. I nearly choked on my cava shock

ScarletLady02 Tue 23-Apr-13 21:36:41 has been getting worse. I'm less and less inclined to post, especially now I have another way to chat to the people I like on there. Hardly any of them post now either.

I'm definitely bored of arguing with David M

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