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To think the law should be able to do more about this dog??

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curiousgeorgie Sun 21-Apr-13 21:35:30

Walking in the park today with my DH, 2.5 year old DD & dog, and DD walking in front of us (a very late walker, so very slow and can't run yet), suddenly a mastiff (we think) runs from the trees straight to DD and before we can get there literally steps away, my dog is between them.

It was so so quick but this dog was going for my child, and subsequently absolutely savaged my dog, I grabbed DD, was screaming for the owner and DH was trying to separate this dog from our dog (who is a small friendly breed and was pinned down, yelping, it was awful.)

The owners appeared and pulled the dog off after a few horrible minutes, and argued with us that the dog wasn't dangerous, and the woman got completely in my face and threatened me (while 30 weeks pregnant holding my sobbing DD) so we quickly left.

I called the local police from the car and was told there wasn't anything they can do about the dog as it didn't attack a human. (thank god though.)

But the fact remains, that a dangerous dog is allowed to remain in the park on a sunny weekend day where surely there'll be lots of children??

I'm so so angry and upset about this, my DD is really not herself and my poor dog left with bite injuries to his mouth, ears, face and neck.

Just because this dog didn't quite manage to bite my DD nothing can be done?? AIBU?

DameFanny Sun 28-Apr-13 21:30:53

Btw, I'm assuming that ynk stands for 'you never know'. Perhaps ynl or ynu would be more appropriate?

SolomanDaisy Sun 28-Apr-13 21:41:33

An unleashed dog came over and licked my toddler DS's face this week. He was sitting picking daisies virtually underneath a 'dog's must be leashed' sign and 100 metres away from the specially fenced off area for dogs to run free. Doubtless YNK believes DS and I were to blame for this.

50shadesofbrown Sun 28-Apr-13 22:21:44

Yuck! Hate it when the PILs dog licks me, I've pushed him off my knee so many times he appears to have got the message. If I see him lick my DD I would probably go bat shit crazy. They lick their bums to clean them, never let a dog lick you. (shudder)

Misspixietrix Sun 28-Apr-13 23:08:44

*Its is a dog owners responsibility to STOP its dog from running up to a child, or even an adult, I hate dogs running up to me and I dont care how 'soft' they are,

I dont hate dogs..I hate irresponsible dog owners*

^^This! what Yoniravers said!

OP YDNBU, Hope you, DD and your dog are okay now ~

MidniteScribbler Sun 28-Apr-13 23:18:48

Midnitescribbler what country do you live in? Sounds like similar regulations to what YNK has described. If she also lives somewhere where dog areas are quite restricted, that might explain why she is struggling to understand the other points of view on here (even though several people have mentioned that most dogs are not restricted in public areas in the UK).

I'm in Australia, so obviously very different laws, but it shouldn't matter where someone is. Common sense should be universal!

I don't agree with what YNK is saying (and this is as someone who has five dogs), but I do roll my eyes when people pick the off lead area to have their picnic at our local park. Five acres of on lead area with picnic tables, playgrounds, lakes, shelters, BBQs, etc, but they want to eat in the 500 square metres of fenced off lead dog area, then get upset when dogs start circling their sandwiches. Common sense fail.

Use some common sense. Don't let your dog run up to people. Don't let your children run up to dogs. We'll all get along perfectly then.

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