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Family court contested hearing help

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ElsieMc Sun 21-Apr-13 15:25:07

I have a contested hearing coming up to vary a contact order for my GS1 for whom I have a residence order. I am a litigant in person.

In the past the parties were represented and one of the solicitors helpfully put together a court bundle. There is no bundle now and I feel I need to see one or two documents on the court file to assist me put forward a case.

My GS1's father has been violent all his life and has a drink problem. However, within the last year or two his violence has escalated. He was found guilty of GBH last year and a probation report was prepared and a brief cafcass report containing information from when they approached the police and social services.

He also does not attend the contact he already has and now wants to take him abroad for two weeks. I do not think my GS will be safe but the Judge says my GS has a right to contact with his dad, which I don't dispute. My GS is very unhappy and his views are not taken into account. He is 11. The Judge has not asked CAFCASS for a report.

I would like a copy of these documents fromthe court file, but I am scared to ask the court because I find the Judge hostile toward me and I am scared if I do anything he does not like, his treatment of me will become even worse.

Perhaps I have nothing to gain from this, but I believe as primary carer I should know what I am up against. Can I do this or am I making a big mistake?

ElsieMc Sun 21-Apr-13 15:27:31

Sorry, I should have posted in legal. I will ask to get it moved.

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