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To make my dd wait?

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Jinsei Sun 21-Apr-13 14:05:11

I work FT during the week but have very flexible hours and spend lots of time with dd every day, do all of the school drop-offs and one or two of the pick-ups etc. She is an only child and gets lots of attention, lots of time, lots of conversation etc. Was available for her all day yesterday, took her out and had lots of laughs etc.

This morning, I had to attend a work-related event - a very rare occurrence at the weekends. Left house at around 7am, got home just over half an hour ago. DD greeted me very excitedly to tell me that she was planning a magic show for later and wanted help to prepare for it. Great, I said, fabuloys idea, happy to help later but just need a bit of time to relax first and eat some lunch. She was accepting of this, but keeps asking/looking over to see if I'm ready yet. I'm not.

I feel really guilty for not getting stuck in straight away and sitting here on MN instead. But I've had a really full-on morning and just need a little bit of down time to myself before I get stuck into being an assistant magician. I probably am BU, aren't I? She is nearly 8 btw.

trinity0097 Sun 21-Apr-13 14:17:42

I see nothing wrong with making her wait, it's not like you're making her sit in a dirty nappy, or starving! Just to wait and amuse herself for an hour or so while you have some mummy time!

anastaisia Sun 21-Apr-13 14:28:38

I think maybe you could give her a time? Say come remind me at 3pm but go find things to do till then please. So she's not just hanging on for you and keeping on asking when you'll be ready, which probably makes you feel less like doing it at all if you're anything like me!

Jinsei Sun 21-Apr-13 14:29:34

Thanks trinity. Have just watched one trick, she is currently rehearsing the next one.

Jinsei Sun 21-Apr-13 14:31:40

Yes anastaisia, that's exactly how it makes me feel! I should have given her a time but it's too late now. I've been sucked in! grin

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