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To think it's not normal to have slugs in the kitchen and I'm not making a fuss about nothing?

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lecce Sat 20-Apr-13 21:28:11

Came down this morning to see a fairly big one on the kitchen floor sad. Surely no one wants to see this, right? I have a phobia of them anyway. I avoid saying the word (it made me cringe to type it just now and I can't look at it now I have.) I avoid walking past them if I can and cannot imagine ever touching one.

Our last house (we moved 2 months ago) had them coming into the kitchen angry. I thought it was because it was Victorian, rather than modern. It was the one and only thing I hated about the house and used to make me scream each time it happened (every now and then).

Dh has always been unsympathetic sad. He knows about my phobia and the first time one came into our last house I absolutely screamed the house down. It was my worst nightmare - one of those things in my home. I had never had it happen before and was totally unprepared. Dh came running downstairs but, when he saw the problem, was dismissive. That is how he has always been. He will get rid of it but always makes a comment (snappy or sarcastic, depending on his mood). If one came in while he was out, I would have to pour a heap of salt on it and then leave it. That would also provoke a comment 9 times out of 10.

This morning, when I saw that this is happening in this house too, I got very upset and tearful. Dh said sarcastically in a fake teary voice, "Oh, I wish we hadn't moved here, it's ruined. Oh no!" Then told me I needed to forget about it.

AIBU to be upset that they get in and to be even more upset with dh's reaction?

Bubbles1066 Sun 01-Sep-13 17:12:59

We get them in our kitchen. They squash themselves flat and get in through the tiniest gaps. Tape around the door to block gaps helps but I'm a right bunny hugger and would never hurt them so wouldn't use salt. I have just learned to live with them. I pick them up with cardboard, you can just slide it under them and put them outside. It's only for a few months in the summer then they go. I think their little eyes are quite cute really. They can't help being slugs. Try and make peace with them if you can OP.

zirca Sun 01-Sep-13 17:23:06

Ok, serious question here as we're moving soon (from slug-free heaven) and the last thing I want is slugs in our new house... What do we need to avoid in houses to avoid slugs? Are new houses better? My parents' house and MIL's house do not get slugs. I have lived in (student) houses before that did though, and it was beyond disgusting...

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