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Is school being unrassonable?

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Vickibee Sat 20-Apr-13 13:13:14

We got a letter home friday stating we must collect our children at 315 instead of the usual 330 . This is because they are starting parents eve apps at 315. My work finishes at 3pm planned to fit school finishes and the earliest I can arrive is 325 as it is a 10 mile journey. My boss is really finicky over time and will not be happy about me leaving early but what else am I meant to do
Would parents be within their rights to complain about this to the LEA?

janey68 Sat 20-Apr-13 13:33:15

What childcare do you use in the mornings before school? Could your child be picked up after as well as a one-off
I've every sympathy with the fact that enough notice wasn't given, but none at all for those who complain it'll cost them a bit extra in childcare... FGS that's what using childcare is all about- you pay for the hours you need, we've all had occasions when we've had to work late or whatever, and paid extra

Salmotrutta Sat 20-Apr-13 13:34:05

It all sounds ridiculous really.

I'd register your displeasure with the Head at the lack of notice. I bet you won't be the only one too!

CreatureRetorts Sat 20-Apr-13 13:35:13

Can you get to work early?

What would happen if you had an emergency and had to leave work early? Would your boss let you? Do you regularly leave early - just wondering how/why they're funny about it.

Vickibee Sat 20-Apr-13 13:36:18

After school club for 15 mins would be silly and cost £50 for the week, I just wish they wouldn't change stuff cos you plan your life around your kids and take a job that fits in etc and then they don't even consider the parents

scaevola Sat 20-Apr-13 13:37:59

The notification is far too late, and the level of likely disruption disproportionate for a saving of 15 minutes.

It's simply tell them that you'll get there as soon as humanly possible, but as your work finishes at 3pm and could not be re-arranged on notice given, it may not be possible to meet the deadline. Given that pupil post is pretty unreliable, and that they know that some children have to be collected by CMs workingto a pick up schedule etc, I doubt they can be seriously expecting all children to be gone at the earlier time.

kim147 Sat 20-Apr-13 13:39:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jinsei Sat 20-Apr-13 13:39:30

I'm sure the school must have anticipated that some parents will be unable to do the earlier pick-up, especially at such short notice. They probably have contingencies in place to look after those children. I wouldn't worry about it OP. If they really needed all kids off site by 3.15, they should have given you more notice. Just get there as soon as you can.

Vickibee Sat 20-Apr-13 13:39:57

No I never leave early, work 930 til 3pm mon to Friday with 30 min lunch. It is just one of his pet hates time keeping. If dh has a late start and takes Ds to school I may get in an hour early and this is never recognised but if I am one minute late due to say traffic I get clocked. In other respects he is a really nice guy and if there is an emergency like illness etc he is ok but of course you are not paid.

A colleague had day surgery on tues to drain a cyst and he made her take holiday when surely it is sickness? Is this legal, IMO day surgery is not a holiday.

I think that this is unreasonable of the school, given the amount of notice that has been given.

I work school hours (mainly) and it's a PITA when something like this happens because you do rely on the goodwill of your employer to allow you to leave early/come in late.

janey68 Sat 20-Apr-13 13:42:28

Complain vociferously about the lack of notice. But if they do it in future with proper notice, then sort out childcare. Tbh working 9.30 to 3 is saving you lots of money normally so it would be petty to moan about a perfectly reasonable cost.

Bowlersarm Sat 20-Apr-13 13:43:46

OP you sound quite cross but you do need to find a solution. Would it be possible for your DH to pick him up on Monday so you have that covered, whilst you speak to school/other parents on Monday to see if they can help out on the other days?

mummytime Sat 20-Apr-13 13:43:50

Savoy - Tissues are provided at my DCs school, paid for by the PTA. We pay for swimming too. Pencils and pens are provided in Infants, and an emergency supply in Juniors, but you are expected to bring your own. Senior school sells supplies if you forget them. If they shut the school the day before parents evenings this would use one of the schools 5 a year non-contact days, otherwise used for training etc.

OP at my DCs school they would provide after school care for children whose parents couldn't get there on time.

HollyBerryBush Sat 20-Apr-13 13:44:13

It's a bit of a non issue really. They aren't going to send him out to walk home. He will stay with a TA or out by the school secretary until you collect him at normal time.

Vickibee Sat 20-Apr-13 13:45:48

Haney I took this job for exactly that reason but I only earn 15000 so i am losing in wages what I gain in child are costs and I pay for OOSC in the school hols

Vickibee Sat 20-Apr-13 13:47:28

I am cross but there isn't much I can do about it. So I will have to grin and bear it.

AmIthatSpringy Sat 20-Apr-13 13:48:02


I've occasionally during DD's primary school year, been told about changes to finishing.

I have just told them that I can't manage and asked them to ensure alternative provision until the normal finish time/place.

I know that here, ANY changes to school finishing times can only be a request, not enforceable as such.

Not sure what it is like where you are though

Bowlersarm Sat 20-Apr-13 13:50:25

I don't understand why you can't ask one of the other parents to help you out and just hang on to him for 15 mins.

Floggingmolly Sat 20-Apr-13 13:50:32

What would happen if your child fell over in the playground and you needed to be there?
Unless you work for Ebenezer Scrooge and are physically chained to your desk - It's 15 minutes on one day ; such a storm in a tea cup.
"Potential for disaster", what???

kim147 Sat 20-Apr-13 13:50:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mybelovedmonster Sat 20-Apr-13 13:51:46

This is completely unreasonable of the school - if they'd given you notice it would be one thing, but to only tell you on Friday is crap.

Are there any other parents who can pick up for you and hang around for 10 minutes?

The other issue here is that your work seems completely inflexible - is there a reason for the or are they just obstructive?

Gomez Sat 20-Apr-13 13:51:47

Totally unreasonable.

Could these self same teachers walk out and leave their class 15 ms early. No. So utterly ridiculous to expect other working parents to do the same.

That being said I wouldn't worry too much OP. let them know Monday morning it won't be possible and pick up as soon as you can.

I do have a flexible job and wouldn't be able to re-arrange my diary for 5 days with so little notice.

manicinsomniac Sat 20-Apr-13 13:52:26

That's not even legal is it? - unless they do an extra 1.25 hours at some other point in the term.

Anyway, it's 10 minutes. There must be children picked up late every single day. Just be one of them.

Vickibee Sat 20-Apr-13 13:53:50

Thnx Kim think I will writ a letter, I am quite shy and would not get out what I wanted to say.
Bowlers arm if it was 15 mins forone day I would be ok with that but it is all week, each of the 5 classes have parents eve on a diff nite. For my Ds it is Thursday.

mybelovedmonster Sat 20-Apr-13 13:55:01

Floggingmolly - its for the whole week.

I don't undestand the people who are just saying that its fine and you just have to get on with it. One day early would be ok - an annoyance, but understandable. A whole week of early pick ups with no notice? Its shit.. do the school not realise that people have jobs?

OP - can your DH get out early on a couple of the days? It doesn't all need to be down to you.

Vickibee Sat 20-Apr-13 13:55:17

Gomez my hours are fixed 930 til 3 and understand that I am lucky to have these hours. Jobs like this are few and far between.

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