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To not give my child medicine?

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madmacbrock Fri 19-Apr-13 21:56:04

DS has just been taken to docs with a rash following a bit of a cold, was told by DR that very common on back end of flu and will pass she prescribed antibiotics & calpol, after i explained how he reacts and I also understand that it is viral and will do nothing anyway!
He is 20mths old and I have never been able to get anything from calpol to antibiotics into him without causing him serious stress. he will not take from spoon, syringe, cannot be fooled by it being hidden in food &, short of strapping him to his high chair and forcing it down his throat there is just no way to do it. he runs off, kicks, screams, and is inconsolable for around 30mins only for me to have to do it again a few hours later! I know other peoples kids who would eat calpol all day long if allowed but not mine. he is breastfed and was weaned by baby led weaning so has always been independent about what goes in his mouth. has anyone else found the same issue with BLW? or have any ideas

ShadowStorm Sat 20-Apr-13 22:36:11

DS is a similar age. We can usually get ABs into him by hiding them in a bottle of milk - otherwise one of DH & I has to pin him down while the other one forces the ABs into him. It's an absolute nightmare when the milk trick doesn't work.

DS is BLW, but we were forced into BLW because DS refused to be spoon fed unless he was in total control of the spoon. It may be a similar issue with medicine. I certainly don't think BLW in itself causes toddlers to refuse medication.

But, if you're not going to give the ABs, I think you need to talk to the doctor again about why they were prescribed in the first place and if it'd be bad for your DS to not have them.

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