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To have a favourite episode of Come Dine with me and to get excited when it's repeated?

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Spice17 Fri 19-Apr-13 16:17:21

Almost like a favourite film, if it's on I have to watch. It's a celebrity one.

A Killers song on the radio just made me think of it.

If you can guess which one it is, I wonder if you share my sad existence enthusiasm?

No one? Oh.

<looks around sadly >

HazeltheMcWitch Fri 19-Apr-13 16:41:17

Bernard was the perfect name, wasn't it?

FutTheShuckUp Fri 19-Apr-13 16:44:40

Oh the Dawn who kept falling asleep episode was my fave too! Although I thought it was more collapsing in a drunken stupor. Didnt she say she was a glamour model too? She was a mess.

Spice17 Fri 19-Apr-13 16:51:59

It was the Biggins, Edwina Curry, Julia Bradbury and Philip Olivier one.


The song is the Killers 'Are we human or are we dancer' and reminds me of when they were all pissed (sans a boring Edwina, who'd gone home disgusted at their drinking behaviour) and dancing around Julia Bradbury's living room.

BTW why is this thread not showing on AIBU? Have I broken some sort of rule <rubs hands with glee>

Shinyshoes1 Fri 19-Apr-13 16:53:35

YeS Hazel that's the one.. Chynna

Great episode

yaimee Fri 19-Apr-13 23:23:50

the one where Kim (minus aggie) gets wankered on vodka and verbally abuses Claire Sweeney! Bloody hilarious. She must have drunk most of the bottle on top of wine etc, she cannot speak by the end!

MsUumellmahaye Fri 19-Apr-13 23:26:28

my fav celeb one was the rugby players, hilarious.

yaimee Fri 19-Apr-13 23:26:30

Awww no! That'll teach me to forget to see if there's a second page!

Thepursuitofhappiness Sat 20-Apr-13 15:15:02

Oo This has made me nostalgic for come done with me. Anyone know which series the Preston episode is on and I will 4od it if available?

Only criticism of CDWM... Wish there were more all in ones. Perfect weekend tv.

LadyMountbatten Sat 20-Apr-13 15:16:02

the one with the Tory local councillor who makes a pudding of a sliced banana with squirty cream

LadyMountbatten Sat 20-Apr-13 15:16:21

i love the Currie one too OP

singaporeswing Sat 20-Apr-13 15:37:48

The Preston ones are the best ever.

Wannabestepfordwife Sat 20-Apr-13 15:49:04

I loved Vera poussin being pronounced poussin and the dessert of ice cream with crushed malteasers and fruit coulis ie water and jam she was class.

I also loved the mayor or town cryer who's cat ate the canapés

Wannabestepfordwife Sat 20-Apr-13 15:49:37

I meant pronounced pussin

LadyMountbatten Sat 20-Apr-13 15:51:34

Oh yes. Town cryer

AmIthatSpringy Sat 20-Apr-13 15:54:01

I don't much like the celebrity ones

My favourite was the Edinburgh one, with Lesley the Cougar blush

Wannabestepfordwife Sat 20-Apr-13 15:57:50

God I forgot about her iam I don't know what was worse her letching over that young lad or the food that looked like a poo on a plate loved it

Wannabestepfordwife Sat 20-Apr-13 15:58:50

ami even dam sleep deprivation

Moominsarehippos Sat 20-Apr-13 16:03:23

I don't like sleb ones or where the people are nasty and coniving.

There was one where one contestant wanted to use the winnings for his sister who was really ill. I'm sure he won (lovely man) and was blubbing. Then on the credits it said he died soon after. Waaaaaaahhhhh!

Gerrof Sat 20-Apr-13 16:09:01

My fave is the one where a fat man made some sort of vile starter out of cheese which he put in a plastic bag and KEPT IN HIS POCKET NEXT TO HIS BALLS all day to warm it up and ferment it or something.

And then he told the diners how he prepped it. Their faces were a picture.

I liked the sleb one with Lembit Opik, Jodie Marsh, Debbie McGee and thingumybob. lembit is the saddest man alive, he makes Adrian Mole look like an urban sophisticate, and Debbie and Jodie were amazingly really nice.

Gerrof Sat 20-Apr-13 16:09:27

Oh yes that one where he died, very upsetting.

LadyMountbatten Sat 20-Apr-13 16:11:48

Lol at urban sophisticate

BadDayAtTheOrifice Sat 20-Apr-13 16:13:33

My favourite celeb one was with Lesley Joseph when her lamb wouldn't cook and she spent all night crying with laughter.

twinklesparkles Sat 20-Apr-13 16:14:15

Yanbu ..

I have a favourite episode of escape to the country


FiteFuaite Sat 20-Apr-13 16:15:25

My favourite was one from West Kirby,I think,and there was an oldish,portly man who had some awful jumpers :D And they asked him to speculate (off screen) on what 'fruits de mer' was and he said,'Well,it could be apples,or pears or even a pineapple' grin I luffs that man,I do smile

Gerrof Sat 20-Apr-13 16:18:28

Did you see it ladyM? He has the saddest flat in the world, I swear to god.

I have a fave episode of relocation. It's where that nice young couple sell a tiny flat in London and buy a huge bloody great house in Scotland so they could rent it out and he could do pottery. I thought they were lovely. Far better than most relocations where the mrs wants a house in the Cotswolds and the husband a pied a terre in London and you know he is going to end up being a dirty shagger within six months whilst the wife potters in her new garden.

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