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WhatsTheBuzz Fri 19-Apr-13 13:20:21

has anyone used this company before? The pushchair I want is a good £60 cheaper than rrp but I don't know why and am suspicious. Are they any good?

inchoccyheaven Fri 19-Apr-13 13:24:58

Haven't bought from them but I have been past their shop several times so they are legit, and think they may have had a shop in my town where I bought my pram 13 years ago.

mybelovedmonster Fri 19-Apr-13 13:25:48

This is not an AIBU <hard stare>

They're fine though - intending to buy from them in a few months.

WhatsTheBuzz Fri 19-Apr-13 13:27:06

I know, I was feeling brave! Thanks for advice smile

PixieL Fri 19-Apr-13 13:31:54

Don't know what they're like as an online retailer but the shop is great, good customer service, independent store with assistants who know what they're talking about.

TwoTearsInABucket Fri 19-Apr-13 13:39:08

bought our phil and teds from there. Cheaper, good service but the second seat ripped after about eight months. probs not their fault though.

alicethepalace Fri 19-Apr-13 13:42:57

I brought my I candy from them. Very helpful to my Mother who picked it up for me.

Fakebook Fri 19-Apr-13 13:45:34

My parents bought my sister's carry cot/pushchair from there in 1978 which was used for me 5 years later. Its still in my dad's attic! That's all I know, because my dad used to mention it every time we drove past. I'm sure it's a good reliable place to shop.

MyNameIsSuz Fri 19-Apr-13 13:52:48

I bought my quinny from there, from the shop though, and they were good. As they're an independent shop i don't see why the website would be any different.

ConcreteElephant Fri 19-Apr-13 18:20:57

We got our Phil and Ted from them too, with an excellent deal on the package, think it was something like 30% off? Ordered online, no problems at all with delivery - I'd recommend them.

CitizenOscar Fri 19-Apr-13 18:40:43

Think I bought our oyster from there. No problems with it.

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Fri 19-Apr-13 20:46:57

We also got Phil and Teds from them - they were excellent

bloomsandblossoms Fri 19-Apr-13 22:58:14

they are brill & genuinely cheaper smile

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