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To find the 10 o'clock news so upsetting

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appletarts Fri 19-Apr-13 08:25:12

That I had trouble falling asleep? DP says this is not normal. There was a story last night about an 11 year old girl who was subjected to a 3 hour rape ordeal and I caught this story just as I was heading off to bed. I couldn't sleep for thinking about this poor girl and her family and how she was ever going to live a life after that. I'm not like this with all news stories, in fact have never had trouble sleeping after hearing news, I just found this particularly sad. Bit sick of DP with his what's normal policing. I think I am more sensitive to bad stories since having kids. So AIBU?

appletarts Fri 19-Apr-13 10:34:15

Bumbarer, I agree, I can't stand mawkishness. No DP was pissed off with me tossing and turning in the bed and then his comments pissed me off and kept me awake longer, didn't nod off until 3.00 and am absolutely shattered. Not thinking about news story now btw, just wondered if other folk got upset at news stories like this, seems to not be so rare. zzzzzzz

SarahAndFuck Fri 19-Apr-13 10:37:07

If the news bothered you that much every day then perhaps it would be a problem, but such at upsetting story sticking with you on one night isn't so unusual I don't think.

I can remember watching a news report about the earthquake in Haiti, and crying while I watched it, because they showed a group of elderly people who had been saved from a hospital for people with dementia, and they were sleeping on the streets under a little canvas, without their medication and they were frightened and confused, asking to go home.

The people with them, workers from the hospital, were saying that they had little food and no medicine and that if they didn't get help, food and medication soon, their patients would die.

I was heartbroken just thinking about these poor people, who couldn't understand what had happened or why they were suddenly on the streets and just wanted to go back to a familiar place and be safe.

Three years later and I still think about those people whenever the earthquake is mentioned. I hope they were alright, but I doubt it. There was a report about the earthquake one year on and it looked like many people were still on the streets under canvas, but I doubt that group survived the year.

Sometimes something like this just pushes your empathy button and it does stick with you. I think your reaction sounds normal, it would only start to be a worry if it stopped you sleeping every night from now on.

appletarts Fri 19-Apr-13 11:35:40

Oh thanks Sarah, that makes sense and I agree if it kept me awake night after night or if I was getting all upset every day about news, you put that well. Sometimes you just want to do a general poll don't you to see you're not batty? DP likes to talk about normal and not normals and I'm not keen on that.

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