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To think thats Debt collection agencies are staffed by untrained monkeys

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Mrsdavidcaruso Fri 19-Apr-13 08:00:00

First all the 'Debt' is only £26 and I don't actually owe it in the first place, but I have been phoned up to 15 times a day on my landline and mobile by one of these idiots. I had tried to explain at first I don't owe the money but they keep saying to pay them or they will send the boys round (doorstep visit)

I aint worried about it now in as much as I have taken advise and know not to speak to them on the phone and am waiting for the company I am supposed to owe the money to to get back to me.

But the stupidity of the DCA agents is breathtaking.

The guy who rings me is scottish, I recognise the number I know who it is.

I usually say put it in writing I am not talking to you over the phone and hang up and never answer his security questions but after he had phoned every 1/2 hour yesterday I lost my temper

When he asked to speak to Mrs Caruso i lammed into them I asked why he was constantly ringing for a debt of £26 from xxxx when the debt is in dispute and I have sent a letter telling his company this and have reported them for harassment .

He refused to answer until I had answered his security questions, now I understand data protection and the need to ensure they are not discussing someone else's debt with a stranger, but the fact that I knew about the so called debt who it's to and what letters I had written to his company should have told him he was speaking to me.

To make things worse he started to call me Mrs Caruso when I asked him why he was calling me Mrs Caruso when he was demanding that I answered questions to prove I AM Mrs Caruso he didn't reply only stating he needed me to answer his security questions for my own 'protection'.

I gave up in the end no doubt I will have endless phone calls from them today until the whole sorry mess is sorted out.

My God if they harrass me like this for £26 what they do to the poor devils who are in real financial trouble

onemorebite Sat 20-Apr-13 10:21:35

They are scum. DP is in a DAS (so paying off debts and moratorium on all action). One bastard company kept phoning up and trying to get hold of him. When they got me about the 5th time that week (thankfully I am out a lot) I finally got all "legal" on them. We are in Scotland and DP has an approved scheme so they are not supposed to call us at all. Threatened to report them for harassment. They finally left us alone.

freddiefrog Sat 20-Apr-13 11:57:20

Oh, I had fun with one too hmm. Constantly calling me over a £36 debt that I didn't owe - a fee was applied to an account in error then wiped a few weeks later - 18 months later a DCA pops up chasing payment.

They were phoning every half an hour at one point. In the end I started screening calls if a number rang I didnt recognise and got some good advice from MSE, sent a letter recorded post, including a letter from the original company stating that the debt was an error, and quoted all sorts of acts and told them if they contacted me again I would be reporting them.

Never heard from them again

Lucyellensmum95 Sat 20-Apr-13 12:16:57

What these scummy cunts DCAs sometimes do, is buy outstanding debts. This happened to us - we had an outstanding balance with a mobile phone company, they asked if we wanted to settle at a reduced price - so we did. They said that would be it, but about three years later we were contacted by a second agency for the remaining amount - they had bought the debt from 02, which whilst they agreed to the reduced one off payment and closed the debt, the outstanding balance lays on their records. The debt agencies buy this at a reduced rate and then put more money on it and chase people who owe the money. This rather dubious company were told, no, we paid the amount off and we don't owe anything. They said that they would give us time to get a settlement letter from the original company but in the meantime sent a letter to DPs Mother!! saying they were solicitors looking for DP on an urgent matter - she was really worried and upset. So even though they had contact with us, we had co-operated in terms of contacting the original company who had agreed that the debt was paid they still thought they would try their arm and intimidate us, in the hope that we would just pay up to avoid further hassle, it was something like £70 so i can imagine that some people, no, many people just pay these bills.

Similarly, my mother recieved a bill for £150 for a catalogue loan that she had never taken out. REally intimidating language in the letter, quoting worse case scenario, threatening bailiffs etc etc. When i contacted them after researching their company on MSE to find lots of complaints they actually admitted to the fact that what they do is go through some sort of directory and send these letters out to people with the same surnames as the debtors if they cannot locate them at the original address, in the hope that they will locate them after move intimidate vulnerable people into paying My mum was ready to pay she was so scared!

So yes, they are UTTER CUNTS

IneedAsockamnesty Sat 20-Apr-13 21:46:54

Loads of dca's are registered with the office of fair trading whilst there conditions are guidelines rather than rules they do have to comply if they wish to remain registered.

They like to remain registered as it means more company's use them just like when you hire a builder you choose one who is registered with who ever builders register with.

They cannot phone if you have asked them not to,nor can they phone more than 3 times a day,or at any time you request them not to on top of this they cannot phone to early or to late.

Most importantly unless they take you to court and have a court order ( and the debt is personal and not road traffic related) they have no more powers than I do to force you to do anything.

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