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to read anything into a wink

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JollyJumpingJelly Thu 18-Apr-13 23:29:13

My ex came to see dd today. He acted like normal with me, chatted for about 20 minutes about general things then I went to tidy up the mountains of plates kitchen. But as he went he said I'll let myself out, see you next week, and winked. AIBU to read anything more than being friendly into it?

OhHullitsOnlyMeYoni Fri 19-Apr-13 17:18:42

Yes, but I am betting you didn't cheat on your pregnant partner. All men are different smile

JollyJumpingJelly Fri 19-Apr-13 18:01:18

Other than the cheating he was generally a good partner. I also had horrific hyperemesis, and so was very much a moody recluse for a few months before him cheating, which while it doesn't make it ok, I can understand why he was feeling stressed about all the changes.
But I don't want to risk saying something having completely misread him being friendly as something more..

wigglesrock Fri 19-Apr-13 18:23:40

other than the cheating ......... there is no other than. You were pregnant, by your own admission very sick and your partner fucked around with another woman. I wouldn't be going any where near him.

imour Fri 19-Apr-13 18:27:45

depends , was he a winker before smile, some blokes do it to everyone .

AnyFucker Fri 19-Apr-13 19:01:42

substitute the "i" with an "a" and you would be nearer the mark

OhHullitsOnlyMeYoni Fri 19-Apr-13 19:07:25

OP - if a man cheats it does not make it the fault of the woman shock He is a bad egg m'dear. You will find someone much nicer who will appreciate you and your DC. This man may be handy to have a wink with but don't put your eggs in his rotten basket any more. It might break.
Ultimately up to you and it is tempting to give the father of your child another go (been there myself) but sometimes it is NOT in the child's best interests. If this guy came back into your life and did it again and your child sees that, what message do you think they would learn? Not to respect you, that their dad rules the roost and men can do what they like.
I think if you look at the situation more you may well see other things that weren't great; it sounds as though your self esteem is very low for one thing?

DeskPlanner Fri 19-Apr-13 19:32:50

Oh, god I read the title. as you were reading about wanking. blush

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