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To want to tell the teacher she is a b*tch?

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fockingschool Thu 18-Apr-13 17:10:38

DD at secondary school in year 7. She has been attending school sport activity since start of school.

Only 11 people turned up yesterday for practise (usually about 20). PE teacher selected everyone except DD to represent the school next week. Even selected two of the girls who didnt turn up to practise and they only joined the activity a month ago.

PE teacher said to DD, I know it's not fair but I cannot take any more.
Also said "you look upset but there is no need to be".

Someone told DD at school from year above not to bother going anymore as this teacher has favourites so doesnt matter how good you are. Suffice to say the school doesnt do well in this sport when competing against other schools.

I am so angry as DD so upset and loves the sport. Am I being immature in telling her not to bother attending again?

DD also in top science set but has been rejected from a science competition even though it's voluntary. Science teacher is making certain children participate even though they dont want to.

Beginnning to think that this is how her secondary experience is going to be like.

AIBU to advise her not to bother putting herself forward for anything else to avoid her feeling rejected?

fockingschool Fri 19-Apr-13 16:04:19

Thank you dontmind and midnightscribbler for your good advice.

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