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To think DH should have made more effort with our house move?

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JoanneBloggs Thu 18-Apr-13 14:11:44

We have a 5 bed house and 5 preeteen/teen kids.

We both work full time. I took 3 days off, he took none. He gets lots of holiday, I get the minimum.

I packed up nearly 200 boxes on my own, I unpacked nearly 200 boxes on my own. I cleaned the house with the help from the kids. The kids packed and unpacked their own rooms.

I wanted to ship the kids to family , he wanted them to stay to feel involved. I then entertained them and got them involved whilst he stayed at the other house without them.

I organised the phone, broadband, the washing machine repair man (when it broke after the move), the sky man, the takeaway on the day of the move and the shopping once we moved in.

He helped with the big furniture, assembled beds and a wardrobe.

We moved the boxes and furniture between us with the help of family and friends.

So after chasing my tail from the early hours to the late hours for many many days, he critisises me last night for not giving him enough input into where everything has gone in the new house. He says he feels left out, but he has not volunteered to unpack a single box or chosen to be here instead of at work.

ToupOfRegDwight Thu 18-Apr-13 14:13:55

I hope you reminded him of all of the above when he had the cheek to moan.

formicaqueen Thu 18-Apr-13 14:29:02

I think you should pack yourself off to a hotel and have a weekend break! Leaving him in charge.

JoanneBloggs Thu 18-Apr-13 14:36:50

Oh and he went for a "well earned break" a night out with his mates two nights before the move.

Apparently I am being very unreasonable to him. We have both done our things with helping with the move, they are just "different" things. And his job is "important", apparently. I haven't listened to him when he has come home about where he thinks some of the furniture should go and that makes me selfish, apparently. hmm

He even commented before the row that "we" had done well with unpacking the boxes - meaning him and me. shock

Inertia Thu 18-Apr-13 14:41:22

Sounds like you could have done with leaving 14 stone of useless junk at the old house. I would have been furious long before he moaned about the furniture - when he failed to book time off work would have done it for me.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 18-Apr-13 14:49:21

LOL @ Inertia 14 stone of useless junk grin

I daresay he will find fault for a long time to come OP, saves him drawing breath to apologise for giving limited help.

I wanted to ship the kids to family , he wanted them to stay to feel involved. I then entertained them and got them involved whilst he stayed at the other house without them.

That was a master-stroke on his part. I think come Father's Day he can be just that while you go for a weekend mini break.

LaQueen Thu 18-Apr-13 14:51:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bobyan Thu 18-Apr-13 14:52:56

He's using you and you're letting him...

andubelievedthat Thu 18-Apr-13 16:19:36

well ,tell him you ! forgot to take final gas/elec meter readings before you left AND you ! forgot to turn off water /elec/gas at mains ,so he best do something re that ! (not !!! send you back either !!!)

hellsbellsmelons Thu 18-Apr-13 17:05:44

I think I'd have to had to have walked out the front door for a nice long walk to cool down otherwise I would have done something I would regret!!!!
I like other suggestions - go to a hotel for a day or 2 and let him put his stamp on it.
Cheeky git!!!

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