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to be fuming at this substition suggested by supermarket staff?

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ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 17-Apr-13 22:37:09

I sent DD2 into Lidl to get feta for supper.

They didn't have any and so she stood there looking perplexed.

The assistant asked if she could help? DD" explained the situationa nd came out clutching mozzarella.

Who on earth suggests that as an adequate replacement for Feta?

Am I Brieing Unreasonable?

raisah Thu 18-Apr-13 06:10:19

Cheshire cheese has the saltiness and tang to match that of feta.

ariadneoliver Thu 18-Apr-13 06:14:56

I'm sure it was irritating but unfortunately by the time she got home it was a feta accompli.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 18-Apr-13 09:29:49

Feta accompli!



I ought to see the manchega, perhaps I'll get some free stuff for my trauma. Or should I contact the Big Chesse at head office directly?

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Apr-13 10:19:20


Wouldn't have ricotta this at Waitrose.

--MN chestnit--

Or indeed at Wheytrose.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Apr-13 10:21:38

Oh Gouda, a cheesey thread.

ariadneoliver Thu 18-Apr-13 10:44:21

Helen I have Tetilla that yours was a great pun.

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 18-Apr-13 11:20:26

oh I do love a good cheese punning thread almost as much a good fishy punning thread, which of course is not what this is atrout.

Chaos a visit to the Manchega as a roule sorts things out. If you got a refund I for one would Port Salut you. After which you should go straight Chaume and put the whole thing be-rind you

YoniMaroney Thu 18-Apr-13 11:46:39

I would put a roquet-fort up their collective behinds. Bunch of comtes, the lot of them.

When they see me pa-neer their doorway, they'd mas-scarpone pretty edam New York Sharpish.

It would be a Red Leicester day for them, they'd get their fon-dues. Hell hath no fury like a cheesed off chef - I'd run in there screaming 'Yarg!!!!'

They'd be quarking in their boots, and no mis-cheese-steak.

elQuintoConyo Thu 18-Apr-13 14:22:46

Did you get all primula and clutch your pearls?

Situations like this really grate.

ChippyMinton Thu 18-Apr-13 15:57:51

There's something fondumentally wrong if you need to complain.

ChippyMinton Thu 18-Apr-13 16:01:21

Just in queso it happens again, maybe next time go yourself or send her Bruder?

ariadneoliver Thu 18-Apr-13 16:03:13

I hope this gets resolved, it would be a rarebit of good news!

GladbagsGold Thu 18-Apr-13 16:05:09

I hate this, you go in for one thing, the staff Parmesanthing else off on you.

Tell the Manchego, in fact offer him outside to Cambazola go if you think you're hard enough.

flamingtoaster Thu 18-Apr-13 16:24:55

Any argument for this substitution is full of holes - but it's interesting in its own whey. Ever since Edam and Eve people have made stupid decisions.

StorFetHamster Thu 18-Apr-13 16:32:54

I have no cheese puns sad

phantomnamechanger Thu 18-Apr-13 16:40:13

ROFL, you cheesy lot you

"Ever since Edam and Eve people have made stupid decisions" love it!

Storf, you need a cheese dictionary mate, we all have one dontya know actually i can't think of any good puns that have not been punned already either

JumpJockey Thu 18-Apr-13 16:40:55

I hope you're not going to raclette them get away with this...

JumpJockey Thu 18-Apr-13 16:42:21

You can't just be cooking with whi-chevre cheese comes to hand.

anklebitersmum Thu 18-Apr-13 16:47:02

I'd have been cheesed off too on account of me brieing a feta fan and stilton-ites tea's not complete

WowOoo Thu 18-Apr-13 16:57:54

Dolcelatte staff get away with this!

(really need to eat huge amount of cheese now)

phantomnamechanger Thu 18-Apr-13 17:10:08

do songs count?
<dons susan boyle wig>

"I needed cheese in times gone byyyyy
My recipe did call for fetaaaaaaaaaaa
I sent my daughter off to buuuuuuy
some but they gave her mozzarellaaaa"


ChippyMinton Thu 18-Apr-13 17:10:52

Really, they shouldn't be getting away with employing any Tomme, Monterey Jack or Harry...

LaMaga Thu 18-Apr-13 18:07:21

At least they are both cheese. I ordered baby leeks and I got parsnips as a substitution once.

showtunesgirl Thu 18-Apr-13 19:58:07

As Victor Meldrew would say: I don't brie-liiiiieeeeeve it.

IncrediblePhatTheInnkeepersCat Thu 18-Apr-13 20:22:01

I once wanted ricotta and they tried to give me cottage cheese!

(E)dam you Tesco!

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