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another train rant

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DragonAnchor Tue 16-Apr-13 19:06:28

Day trip to London today with DS in buggy. We got slightly held up and ended up taking a later train home than planned - about 4.45 so just before rush hour hit, and things were getting a bit busy.

Soon as I get on slightly crowded train, man in suit tuts inexplicably at buggy. DS starts to whine a bit - tired - another man rolls his eyes and sighs loudly. DS whines louder. I take him out of buggy to calm him, perching him on my him (toddler at 75 percentile - no easy job)

Realise I'm unsteady so scan train for a seat. There are none. Finally see a woman sitting down on an aisle seat with her bag on seat by window. Ask if she wouldn't mind moving up so my son and I could sit down. She pulls a face and shifts over as slowly as she can manage.

I felt like I was being massively unreasonable even being on the train. It wasn't peak rush hour, just a little later than planned (when we go into London we always try to be on a train home by 3.30). Have I broken some terrible rule? Or are commuters just wankers? FWIW I used to commute into town for work and everyone was lovely when I was pregnant, couldn't do enough. It's so different when you actually have the baby - then you just feel like a massive irritant!

NoWayPedro Tue 16-Apr-13 19:18:37

Tbh, I find people do this anyway, whether you have a toddler or not! V rude though, I never have my bag on a seat like that when I can see a train is busy.

thefirstmrsrochester Tue 16-Apr-13 19:26:09

some commuters are indeed wankers. how dare you take your buggy on the train & how dare you try to take a seat occupied by an unpaying handbag?
you paid, you have as much right to a seat on the train as everyone else.
I'm in scotland and public transport wankers are plentiful, I can only imagine what London can be like.

chandellina Tue 16-Apr-13 20:17:01

Sounds unlucky. My commuter route train has buggies and their inhabitants on them most nights and I've never seen any reaction or rudeness, even when babies were screaming.

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