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To worry about looking ridiculous when I start running?

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Molehillmountain Sat 13-Apr-13 12:35:40

I have done no very little exercise since I had the dc-a few periods where I've swum once a week but generally not. I am not huge, but a size 16 and not exactly small breasted.
I've decided that I'm going to start the couch to 5k thing I saw on Nhs choices and I was all fired up and ready to get on with it until I started thinking of getting running shoes and sports bra. Then it hit me that I would look just ridiculous and awful running and that the folks in the sports shop would think I was too.
I'm still going to do it, i would look sillier staying big and more importantly unfit andI want to set an example to the dc, but Aibu to think I will look silly for a while, and how long that while will be?

TidyDancer Sat 13-Apr-13 13:24:29

I had a thread a while ago in Sport & Exercise. It is titled 'fat people in the gym'. It's not a piss take, it was about taking a friend to the gym with me, and her being scared people wouldn't look favourably on her because she was big. It might help you to have a read through wrt worrying about how you will look to others.

Sorry, would link but not on computer!

LessMissAbs Sat 13-Apr-13 13:27:36

I challenge them too PhoebeC, but I'm not quite so nice about it. The words "under-achieving losers" tends to feature if the giver of the abuse isn't actually running themselves. Running makes you really confident.

Belugagrad Sat 13-Apr-13 13:36:46

I'm average size with tiny boobs and kids/ men shout at me when I run, you just have to ignore them. Your size/ running ability has nothin to do with it and don't let them ruin your run. I am evangelical about running. It is so empowering, you'll get hooked! Have fun!

FinallyMrsFC Sat 13-Apr-13 13:39:17

Yes yes, what everyone else says! And download an app that gives you a cheer over your headphones whenever anyone 'likes' you on fb. I like Nike Running, but there are a few. They register your runs and your progress, it really motivates you.

I love that you challenged them PheobeC!

marmalade32 Sat 13-Apr-13 13:40:37

I look like a total knob when I'm running - bum wobbles, a lot, I run fairly slowly and I'm sure I am so fat I sound like a herd of elephants ! I'm a size 16 but not a toned 16. I've done couch to 5 k a few times but never got past week 5 for some reason. I just wear sunglasses, cap and run when not many people around. I was a size 10 before dd and been this size now for over 5 years so I am accustomed to the fact I am a but fat and now trying to get something done about it. Good Luck

TidyDancer Sat 13-Apr-13 13:43:51

I don't know if that link is going to work on the iPad, but that's the thread I referred to above.

TwllBach Sat 13-Apr-13 13:50:10

When I lived in a house that had a really quiet road, I used to take the dog out for a run in the morning when no one else could see and I really enjoyed it!

Now I am a bit heavier and much more self conscious. Even if I take a few little runny steps I can feel my arse cheeks jumping up and down as I do it and then stop blush I really admire you, OP, for getting out and doing it!

JiminyCricket Sat 13-Apr-13 13:50:43

As a size 18 with vv big bosom, in about 5 years of running (inc several half marathons) I am sure i looked ridiculous but only ever got the following comments from passers by -
'Good on you' (twice)
"Wish I had your motivation'
'Blimey has that woman nexer heard of a sports bra' ( from a quite amusing 12 year old...felt like stopping to point out that I was actually wearing two sports bras at the time..)
One comment made from one passing male to his friend which I didn't hear, but I did hear the friend rebuke him saying 'good on her for getting fit'.
For confidence, I go for a really lightweight running jacket that covers my bum a bit, long flared running trouser/yoga pant type things, and a baseball cap. I listen to music if not on an isolated route, then I worry less about other people. Have fun

HeySoulSister Sat 13-Apr-13 13:56:14

ive never had any comments

I run in the park now,and get smiles from fellow runners and dog walkers and pram joggers.

its lovely

emmaliz Sat 13-Apr-13 13:56:44

Well done you for starting the c25k. With regards to trainers I always get mine online you can get last years model for about half the price if you're lucky and in any case they are always cheaper. You can try them on in sports shop beforehand smile

mrswoz Sat 13-Apr-13 13:57:58

You won't look ridiculous. You will look as though you care about your body and your health, and that's something to feel really proud of!

Bra - couldn't afford a decent sports bra when I started running (sz16/18), had a cheapo Tesco one, wasn't very comfortable until my body and bombs shrunk in size tbh. So get a decent one if you can.

Trainers - I had some £45 Asics, well comfy, lasted about 18 months before I retired them as they no longer seemed springy, but the Reeboks I replaced them with were rubbish so when I start again I'll be going back to Asics. No gait analysis places local to me.

The only time I had things shouted at me was when running with one or two other women, perhaps people thought we could handle it better cos there were a few of us hmm I feel like I've been looked at a few times but I don't acknowledge it, and I only ever ran in the dark/dusk, and not alongside a main road.

(obviously we don't know your area so can't say whether that's a safe option for you or not, but I would hate to think that any woman feels so self conscious when running, that she would run an unsafe route!) I use headphones and that's not really very safe in the dark, but I would feel fine doing it in daylight.

EuroShaggleton Sat 13-Apr-13 13:59:46

I'm slimmish (10-12) and fittish and have run on and off for years. I get very occasional comments and the odd toot from a passing car (more so when I was younger...). I mention this just to show that it's not because you are feeling a bit big that stupid people shout at you - they would probably do it to a twig. It's about their own insecurities and need to show off.

Another vote for the shock absorber run bra here.

GreenShadow Sat 13-Apr-13 14:56:16

I've just signed up for Race for Life in July and this thread has given me some encouragement to go out jogging.

I don't particularly enjoy running, but do intend to get out and do some training before the event.

EuroShaggleton Sat 13-Apr-13 14:58:45

It's the London Mazza next weekend. I always find watching a bit of that gives me extra running inspiration.

Da-dum-de-dum-da-da-da-da-dum (that was my attempt at the BBC's London marathon theme!).

Lavenderhoney Sat 13-Apr-13 15:03:04

I run in a baseball cap. When you try on a sports bra, jump up and down. If your boobs move, forget it.

I run in a baggy t shirt and loose bottoms. I feel self conscious too, which is why I took up cross country runningsmile love running up hills- best for bottoms!

If you walk then run then walk - no one is privy to your training program even if you only jog a bit, and walk. Ignore idiots who toot horns.

Undertone Sat 13-Apr-13 15:07:29

Another vote for shock absorber bras here. I have 4.

I was a size 20ish when i started. I went out in daylight with a quite "fuck you" attitude to begin, but with my headphones in i may as well be on a different planet and i don't remember feeling 'looked at' ever.

Now I'm a size 12 i prance through the centre of town on a run in my lycra all the time, rubbing my it arse in everyone's lardy couch potato faces :-)

Undertone Sat 13-Apr-13 15:07:56

*fit arse, that should say!

CorrieDale Sat 13-Apr-13 15:14:11

There's a great motivational t shirt I've seen online. On the back it says : fat. Fifty. Diabetic. Ahead of you. If ever I do another fun run, I'm doing myself a version. I think it says it all (except I'm only ever ahead of someone because they've lapped me). Seriously, I started c25k when nearly 4 stone overweight. Old men walked their dogs faster than me. But as Jillian michaels will tell you, transformation is not a future event but a present day activity. I am 3 stone lighter now and still the crappiest runner in town!

quirrelquarrel Sat 13-Apr-13 15:20:10

To be honest, whenever I see someone fat running I think 'bloody well done, I wish I would make myself do that'. Really don't mean to sound patronising btw. You can't look ridiculous, you look motivated and not lazy and anyway I bet once you start, you'll just concentrate on your running and nothing else.

I used to run and it was fab, I loved it, but didn't do it enough and now never anymore....desperately unfit!

badguider Sat 13-Apr-13 15:20:15

I'm a big fan of 'shock absorber' level 4 sports bras.
I hate shorts - always wear 3/4 length capris
I started in baggy tshirts, and in a baseball cap to avoid eye-contact.

If you have a parkrun anywhere near you head on down to get some inspiration and see the massive range of people who run these events... people at my local one finish it in anything from 16mins to 40mins!

and get ready to parkrun yourself when you've finished your C25k programme grin

Ellietryingtofly Sat 13-Apr-13 15:28:52

Yesterday was my second run. My first mini-challenge is to be able to run around the block. May sound pathetic but I'm very unfit and need baby steps to build my fitness but my confidence it the biggest problem. I have a shock absorber bra and nice sports clothes. I have fairly decent Nike trainers which I think were about £60 or £70. My first run was really walking with a teeny tiny bit of running thrown in. I was so self conscious I nearly chickened out of running at all. Yesterday I was more confident and I'm keen to go out again later. I will be running around the block within a week and then I will look at the best way to train properly. I've signed up for a 5km run in June and am keen to run as much as possible. I'm unfit and overweight but having taken the first steps I can only hope my confidence improves as my fitness does. Good luck!! Ellie xXx

HeySoulSister Sat 13-Apr-13 16:21:17

my running club are in London marathon so ive been training with them...oh boy!!!

kids say, 'mum,that will be you next year' lol I doubt it

yaimee Sat 13-Apr-13 16:23:35

No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping the people on the sofa!
I never thing anyone exercising looks silly, I always feel pleased when I see people trying their beat!
Go for it op, well done!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 13-Apr-13 16:33:09

(Am currently rather pregnant so can't run but)...I'm overweight and love to run and whole heartedly agree with what's been said on here. I had one teenage pipsqueak shout at me what I can only presume was a rude comment but I had my head phones in and merely shrugged. I was training for a 10k for which we as a group raised a big amount of money for cancer research so I didn't care. Generally I've always had people encouraging me! Smiling, nodding, even had kids in a car wave at me! smile

It's definitely worth getting good shoes, you will note a difference. Re the bra, it depends on your size but if you're up to a D cup I actually found the sports bras in Sports Direct (?lonsdale) are very reasonable and do a good job.

Go for it! It'll be tough at first but I've never found anything impact on my body and self-esteem so quickly!

montysma1 Sat 13-Apr-13 16:38:26

Wear 2 Shockabsorbers. Get the one that looks like a standard , but industrially constructed bra, wear that underneath and top it with a second compression style one.

Dont just get the compression type, they have no more support than a very tight t shirt which is no use at all for anything but a very tiny bust.

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