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Is £40 to put a child's hair in a bun too expensive?

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sweetkitty Fri 12-Apr-13 16:11:03

I asked my regular hairdresser if she could do DD1s hair for her 1st communion, we have to be at the church for 9am so I asked her if she could come round at 8am to give her enough time etc she said 8.30 but I thought this would be pushing it a bit. She said that's fine and it would be £40 and is that ok with me?

I was thinking £25-30 max £40 seems a bit expensive but what do I do?

Say oh that's a bit expensive and risk her saying well that's the cost and her not do it or just pay it

For comparison last time she charged me £50 to cut my long hair and the 4 DCs hair.

I like the idea of having her hair professionally done and having someone cone to the house to do it.

Fillyjonk75 Fri 12-Apr-13 16:13:05

I think it's loads! It would only take her 5-10 minutes. Get yourself some bun pins, a bobble, hairspray and a brush and watch how to do it on YouTube.

Trills Fri 12-Apr-13 16:13:21

£40 to do a house visit is not an unreasonable thing for a hairdresser to ask.

Paying £40 (or anything really) to have a child's hair put into a bun is quite possibly a bit unreasonable.

TheYoniOfYawn Fri 12-Apr-13 16:13:50

I put my daughters hair into a bun for ballet exams. It is very easy to do yourself.

NatashaBee Fri 12-Apr-13 16:13:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SanityClause Fri 12-Apr-13 16:13:55

D'you mean 8:00 on a Sunday morning?

In which case, it's cheap, IMO.

Celestia Fri 12-Apr-13 16:14:01

£40?! Yanbu!

To be fair to the hairdresser, it sounds like you need her before her usual 'opening time' so I guess that's what you're paying for.

CocacolaMum Fri 12-Apr-13 16:14:35

My hairdresser charged me £40 for my hair and my daughters for my wedding!! Do your daughters hair yourself - if the style you want is a simple one then learn it and spend the £40 on a day out for your family!

CunfuddledAlways Fri 12-Apr-13 16:14:45

can't you do a bun yourself??

MrsLettuce Fri 12-Apr-13 16:15:00

I was going to say YAblantentlyNBU but with it being 'antisocial hours' and a home visit (assuming she's normally salon based) it's probably more or less reasonable.

YwouldnotBU to shop around.

EmpireBiscuit Fri 12-Apr-13 16:15:12

I pay £50 for a full head of highlights and a trim at home. £40 for a basic put up is loads.

sweetkitty Fri 12-Apr-13 16:15:41

I can do buns but they are never perfect, I've done them for ballet shows but they never look right IYSWIM, if you go to a hairdressers for your own hair to be put up its about £30 is it not?

MintyyAeroEgg Fri 12-Apr-13 16:15:51

I think she doesn't really want to do it and that's why she's priced it so high.

TigOldBitties Fri 12-Apr-13 16:17:21

At 8:00am on a Sunday I'd say fair bump in price.

KatoPotato Fri 12-Apr-13 16:17:21

With a bun donut you can do it yourself so easy! - high pony, pop a £1 donut from primark over, split the hair over, secure with a second bobble and wrap/tuck the ends under.

BackforGood Fri 12-Apr-13 16:17:48

Extortionate amount! shock but what I guess she's charging for is a) travelling to you, ans b) anti-social hours.
A bun really is easy to do, so there's no way I'd waste £40 on that.

pippibluestocking Fri 12-Apr-13 16:17:54

It's easy to do a bun yourself. Gather up hair into a high pony tail, twist it and wrap it around on itself, put a bun net over it, maybe wrapping it over twice if the bun is small, p

sweetkitty Fri 12-Apr-13 16:18:03

She's a mobile hairdresser not salon based, yes it's 8am on a Sat morning so I'm guessing that's why it's so costly.

KatoPotato Fri 12-Apr-13 16:19:02

currentbuns Fri 12-Apr-13 16:19:10

I'll wager there's a YouTube step-by-step tutorial out there somewhere showing you exactly how to do it yourself.

SqueakyCleanNameChange Fri 12-Apr-13 16:19:24

If you wanted me to give up my only lie in of the week and get up at stupid o clock on a Sunday I'd probably charge through the nose too. Try YouTube.

<makes mental note to take own advice before DD is kicked out of ballet class>

sweetkitty Fri 12-Apr-13 16:19:36

Mintyaeroegg - I've thought that myself that she doesn't want to do it. She lives about 3 miles away too

EchoBitch Fri 12-Apr-13 16:20:54

I don't think it's alot,she'll have to be up and out at 7.30am on a Saturday.
I'd do it myself it it were me,but i'm rubbish at hair so i'd have to pay the going rate too.

tiggytape Fri 12-Apr-13 16:21:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetkitty Fri 12-Apr-13 16:21:07

It's a Saturday morning not a Sunday and I know she's always busy on a Sat she says she doesn't do wedding hair unless its for an existing client.

The communion is at 10am (you have to be there for 9am) everywhere else is 12 midday hmm

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