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To think those who have had Botox/fillers look fake?

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KareninsGirl Fri 12-Apr-13 15:49:43

Well, AIBU?

I really think it makes people look homogenous, plastic and slightly weird.

What's wrong with a 'face that tells a story' anyway?!

aldiwhore Wed 17-Apr-13 11:49:58

One of my friends who's had it, has had it done well (botox and filler) and she can still frown, her face is full of expression and she looks exactly how I always picture in my mind's eye - which is 15 years younger than she is now - but she does look a bit odd without her glowy makeup (she is the first to admit it) and won't be getting it topped up. She has a very tiny amount, and it was done by a very good practitioner. Saying that, I still wouldn't have the procedure, the cost is too great.

Another mate has become a little addicted and is starting to look ridiculus. She has virtually no movement in her face at all, is VERY shiny, and though it has smoothed out the wrinkles she loathed most it draws attention to the ones no one would ever have noticed before. She's a lovely person, beautiful looking, but is so addicted to botox, filler, fake tan etc that she has gone beyond looking good. It's a real shame actually, because she's turning herself into this weird looking person with no visible personality... but it's her choice. She knows my opinion and doesn't give a shit, which is her absolute right.

I would never say never to procedures that could refresh me, if I had the money, but I am very wary of how addictive they can be and how they can sometime draw attention to otherwise perfectly fine areas!

I would never get Botox though.

handcream Wed 17-Apr-13 12:04:42

Word - I am not sure you can always tell. I dont have a scrap of grey, people (even hairdressers) think I have it coloured. I dont, I am just lucky, its in the genes!

Devasmum Thu 23-May-13 21:29:35

I think some people get addicted and start to look weird. Like everything else in life a little of what you fancy does you good. I'm 40 and I've had a bit done: 2 bits of botox in lines between my eyebrows and my crows feet. I've also had fillers in my mouth to nose lines. I love it when I go visit my sisters, 1 is older and 2 are younger (by 2 and 5 yrs) and people think I am the youngest! I've recently had 2 dermal roller sessions and waiting for my third. Now that is a totally natural looking option and gives your skin a real glow and boost to volume. Have also used Obagi and ZO prescription creams- I find them sooo much more effective than top end dept store ranges. My Aesthetic Dr always goes on about SPFs even in winter, so i put those on as my primer. As you can read I'm a fan of "non-surgical" options, however my work colleagues always chant- "I don't know why you have anything done cause you look great as it is", but that's just it, it's because I do!. A reality check here though- I'm no beauty queen, I suffered a lot with acne as a teenager, thankfully I didnt scar. Maybe this is where my insecurities lie. I'm happy now, successful job, great family life and am financially comfortable and having "stuff done" makes me feel better. If you're in the chester/wrexham area I'd really recommend Dr Kenningham- google her name. X

SoleSource Thu 23-May-13 21:35:27


It is not always noticible

Wish I could afford them

I certainly have the courage

SoleSource Thu 23-May-13 21:37:17

I'm 39 no grey either

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