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to be wound up to the point of rage every time I phone talk talk?

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parisfernandez Fri 12-Apr-13 12:51:10

Ive almost given up.

I am Scottish. A Scottish accent is difficult for non Scottish people to understand at the best of times but I have not once managed to speak to anyone who has English as their main language. You can imagine the carry on i have every time I need to contact them (several times a month at the moment).

I have asked on several occasions to speak to someone who has a native English speaking tongue but there is never anybody available. The reason I ask to do this is to make it easier for me and the person I'm talking to. I'm not racist and i think it's fantastic that the staff have managed to reach that level of English so they can work in a call centre day in day out. I know i would struggle to learn their language so good for them for making an effort. It's just so frustrating and its costing me a fortune in phone calls. I have emailed but they take days to reply.

Where about are the talk talk call centres? They say they are UK based but im not convinced.

I'm pissed off now. Can I change providers before my contract is up?

SantanaLopez Fri 12-Apr-13 12:52:38

BT is even, even worse. I had to lie down in a dark room afterwards.

Renniehorta Fri 12-Apr-13 12:59:09

I do sympathise I have often had this problem when dealing with what I take to be Scottish based call centres.

When I dropped my Kindle I phoned the help desk which was in the US. The call centre worker found it nearly impossible to understand me, although I understood her. She eventually put me through to someone else in what I took to be the department which deals with incomprehensible callers. I hit lucky as a young Frenchman dealt with my broken Kindle with no communication problems.

You just never know who you are going to be dealing with.

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