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tesco selling out of date goods

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twitchypalm Fri 12-Apr-13 10:13:27

Hi all the last 3 mornings ive popped into tesco on my way to schooland work. Everyday ive gone to the chiller to get a salad for lunch and they have been out of date. Ive informed customer services of this and how dangerous it is seeing as its prawn salads they just shrugged and said thanks.

Today we go in and theres salads sandwiches and rolls out of date. We arent talking reduced isle this is normal priced stuff. Today on way out i confronted the store manager who was outside having a ciggarette with his supervisors his attidued was oh well when ive finished my fag ill go and look no apology no nothing.

Ive just phone enviromental health who are investigating it like i said to if an elderly or vunerable person ate an out of date prawn salad it could be very serious.

Aibu to think tesco really dont give a toss about there customers all they care about is there profits.

andubelievedthat Fri 12-Apr-13 14:39:18

well done you ,especially for letting everyone know, i shall check the sell by dates closely from now on and switch my nose off.>>>f.y.i. Morrisons has, 2day, increased the price of a brand of milk they have for sale by almost 100%, according 2 my very old mum>interested ? (shocking !!!, i know , imagine, supermarkets selling past sell by date, food ! whatev er next ? cows bumholes in sausages?)the very thought !!!

TrenchCoat Fri 12-Apr-13 14:43:43

I hate Tesco with a passion, I have now had to tell DH not to shop there as so much of their food was going off even before the use by date.

I don't think I have ever have a loaf of bread from Tesco that was even remotely fresh and a joint of meat we took out the freezer a couple of months ago went straight in the bin once it defrosted as the smell was absolutely vile and it was also green and slimy, despite being bought and frozen well within the use by date.

dolallymum Fri 12-Apr-13 14:52:25

My local supermarket (not Tesco), where a friend works, reduces chiller items before opening time when they have one or two days left and after closing they throw out all items that have that days date on.
Fair enough it's understandable you could miss one or two things, but Tesco just don't seem to give a $h1t.

Sleepyfergus Fri 12-Apr-13 15:17:51

We should tweet this thread to Tescos. I would if I had a scooby how to!

OnwardBound - Sainsburys does have a scheme similar to Tescos club card. It's Nectarcard and cam be used on many things other than money off shopping.

KansasCityOctopus Fri 12-Apr-13 16:24:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DorisShutt Fri 12-Apr-13 16:27:24

Sainsburys did this to me yesterday with butter of all things - picked up the tub Clover Light if you're nosey, and when I got home, it had expired 3 weeks ago.

Phoned Sainsburys to tell them and they were actually very helpful - woman was very apologetic, and I'll get a refund and a replacement if I go in with the tub. She said sometimes they get stock in from the manufacturer near the use by date, and they just don't notice.

Smellslikecatspee Fri 12-Apr-13 16:31:20

While I have serious issues with our local Tescos (rude, dirty, out of date stuff). I do think it depends more on the local Manager, I only say this because the Tesco in the next town on is lovely. . . .

I do wonder?

Doingakatereddy Fri 12-Apr-13 16:39:40

Tesco will have an inventory management system tst will have use by date control by product type / bar code that will warn that items not fit for sales are still on shelves.

They may have enabled barcode restrictions on sales which is further check.

I'd recommend contacting Tesco HO - one miss is acceptable, several is not. I'd also think they'd be non too impressed at managers response.

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