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To not want a poo in my kitchen bin?

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iProcrastinate Thu 11-Apr-13 22:21:51

*DISCLAIMER: I am not the poo troll*

A friend came round today with her DD (3) to play with my DD (4) - my DD uses the loo now but her DD uses the potty. I was cooking in the kitchen and chatting when her DD comes in and asks for the potty - her mum gets the potty out and I tell her that the loo is just off the corridor from the kitchen (it's close) - her mum says that its ok, pops her daughter on the potty in the kitchen.

i think, ok, no biggie - we kept the potty in the lounge and I'd whisk DD into there (and eventually into the downstairs loo) as I just didn't feel that comfortable with her poo-ing in the kitchen when there is a very-close-by alternative option. It's no biggie, it's not like she sat her on the work-top etc.

I'm distracted by cooking, turn around, turn back and she has scooped up her daughters (thankfully solid) poo with a tissue and is popping it in my tall kitchen bin - I politely say that could she put it in the loo and she says "it doesn't matter it's just a little one" - for the sake of friendly communication I let it go, but did take my bin straight out when she left!

When DD was in nappies, I'd put wet ones (in bags) in the kitchen bin, but poo ones I just put straight out in the wheelie bin (I have quite a big bin and only usually empty it every few days so it would start to whiff) Potties would just get tipped into the loo.

AIBU to not want a free-range un-restrained poo in my kitchen bin? Or am I just a prude?

maras2 Fri 12-Apr-13 01:03:48

What a strange and alo very yucky thing to do.Please have a word with her,if necessary show her this thread.

MardyBra Fri 12-Apr-13 01:08:13

No I don't think you should poo in your bin.

(thread title is ambiguous [GRIN] )

Dominodonkey Fri 12-Apr-13 01:22:00

YANBU - she sounds feral. I think the whole episode shows she is disgustingly rude.

scarletforya Fri 12-Apr-13 03:07:45


What a dirtbag!

PurplePidjin Fri 12-Apr-13 03:44:27

Erm, i might be wrong as I've not reached that stage with my one baby but surely a big part of potty training is the child learning what a bathroom is for, seeing the waste matter flushed down the toilet and washing their hands afterwards? So, she's teaching her dc to take a dump wherever she pleases <boak>

MusicalEndorphins Fri 12-Apr-13 03:48:09

Ugh, gross friend you have there OP. YANBU.

DonDrapersAltrEgoBigglesDraper Fri 12-Apr-13 04:23:08

There's nowt so queer, right...?

On whose planet is poo in the kitchen OK?? Give her the benefit of the doubt - she must've been raised by wolves.

Bartlebee Fri 12-Apr-13 04:29:15


That is all.

CheerfulYank Fri 12-Apr-13 04:35:58


That is nasty.

NapaCab Fri 12-Apr-13 05:03:36

YANBU, that's disgusting. I think the key part of your post for me was while I was cooking in the kitchen. Bleurgh. She actually let her child poo in front of you and your DD while you were preparing food? Unless it was a real emergency, that's just vile. It's not like your only loo was upstairs! There was a downstairs loo, right there for her to use.

At 3 years old, I would have thought that her DD should be learning that toilet matters are private and to use her potty in the bathroom only, unless it's an emergency and she can't make it there in time.

NoSnowJustSand Fri 12-Apr-13 05:08:41

YANBU that is simply foul.

rumbelina Fri 12-Apr-13 06:26:30

Ugh I would have emptied the bin there and then. Poo does not stay in the house. I hope you had a bin bag in <heave>

everlong Fri 12-Apr-13 07:07:14


Why would you??

BreastmilkCrucifiesAFabLatte Fri 12-Apr-13 07:21:57

Arrrrgh that put me off my cereal. Shouldn't have clicked. No YANBU. Yucky

carabos Fri 12-Apr-13 07:28:10

Did she then go to the downstairs loo to wash her hands? If she did she's even more of a dirty cow rude. If she bothered to go to the loo to wash her hands, then she could have bothered to empty the potty in there. Or did she wash her hands in the kitchen sink? double lazy

Bearcrumble Fri 12-Apr-13 07:29:20

Yanbu. What a weird and yucky thing to do.

Babylonmoo Fri 12-Apr-13 07:34:42

No yanbu. I cannot stand parents changing nappies in my living room. Parents have to accept a fair amount of poo in their lives- I see that. However I wish they would remember their pre child days and understand that it is actually pretty disgusting. Am pregnant now but don't want this tunnel -poo -is -great vision to kick in.

changeforthebetter Fri 12-Apr-13 08:03:12

agree with Disco Donkey, that is vile. why on earth would you not flush poo?shock

emmyloo2 Fri 12-Apr-13 08:07:10

YANBU at all. That is gross! I wouldn't even put a pooey nappy which is double bagged in the kitchen bin. It goes straight into the nappy bin or straight outside. Wet nappies I will bag and put into the kitchen bin but never a poo! I also think the potty in the kitchen is also rank.

EugenesAxe Fri 12-Apr-13 08:09:11

I am manky by many standards on this thread in that dirty nappies go in the kitchen bin (which is black bin waste - nappies are virtually the only thing that go in ours). I don't even bag them up; just shut the lid.

However I would never put a poo from a potty in the kitchen bin. They go straight in the toilet. YANBU.

I take dirty nappies away at friend's houses though; only my own house is subject to my depravity on that score!

iProcrastinate Fri 12-Apr-13 11:05:10

Sorry I totally fell asleep last night! She did go to the downstairs loo to wash her hands, and she wiped her daughter with the tissue she picked the poo up with (she had a pack of tissues that she keeps in the potty when not in use).

I'm hoping that by the next time they come round her DD will have progressed onto the toilet!

HorryIsUpduffed Fri 12-Apr-13 13:20:18

That's baffling.

iloveweetos Fri 12-Apr-13 13:23:34

Thats gross especially as you were cooking aswell.
At friends houses i would always have bags and ask where they wanted me to throw nappies, but poo from a potty goes in the toilet!!!

yonithewaytogohome Fri 12-Apr-13 13:29:59

Rank, rank, rank!!! I would never have sat either of my dds on a potty in someone else's kitchen.

When they were in nappies I would always ask 1) where should I change the nappy and 2) where should I dispose of the nappy afterwards. That's normal, surely??

zzzzz Fri 12-Apr-13 13:32:28

And the tissues are kept in the potty that's just wiped hygienic! I'd be retracing every step she took with disinfectant. She sounds barking.

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