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To be informally warned that head of dept is sexist!

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pamelat Thu 11-Apr-13 21:52:33

For obvious reasons I won't detail my employer but at my annual review, my line manager (nice guy), told me that it was his opinion that our new head of dept (his mgr) is sexist.
He started to give an example but stopped mid way but I got the jist of it. He basically thinks that the women in the office are less competent that the men.
I was told this in an informal way by a manager that I like and trust but I'm quite shocked?!

The only issue is that for the example that I was partially given, not related to me, in that one aspect of our work the men (3) do perform better than the 3 women in our office. This is mainly down to confidence and experience, they're older!!

Other aspects of what we do, I know that I do some of them better.

It's just that the dept head values the aspect that the men happen to be more experienced at.

Is this unreasonable/unfair or just his opinion?

peggotty Thu 11-Apr-13 21:56:03

I would be wary of the line manager tbh. He's not being very professional (gossiping basically) and may be telling you this for political reasons, to get you 'on side' if he's after the head of depts job for example or has some other axe to grind with him.

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