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to want them to go shove their Avon catalogue

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TheSeventhHorcrux Thu 11-Apr-13 21:36:48

At 9'o'clock tonight we got a knock on the door from a man asking for the Avon catalogue that was posted through our door.
(Junk that gets posted through gets put straight on the kindling pile for our log burner)
He was very pleasant and I was polite and said that sorry I couldn't find it, I did look but presumed the OH had chucked it.

We frequently get people knocking on our door (at least once a week) at all hours asking for the damn Avon catalogue back - if its that precious, stop posting it through the door.
We have never bought anything from Avon, and never will, and I'm sick of having to essentially babysit a brochure for them.

I don't really mind junk mail, as such, as - like I say - it just provides us with stuff to burn but I really hate people coming to the door (except the postman - he sometimes brings nice things!) not least because it makes the dog go mental and really distrupts the evening.

TBH, I know I'm being unreasonable by disliking it so much (and trust me, I'd never actually say anything to them) but am interested to see if it bothers anyone else.

Note: I am thinking of investing a "No junk mail" sign, though I doubt this will stop them...

Ragwort Fri 12-Apr-13 08:07:17

My favourite lipstick came from Avon & was then discontinued. No one at Head Office could give me any advice as to what was a reasonable replacement, their replies just said 'order what you like as everything can be returned'. To me that is NOT good customer service, I know the reps would have had to have the time & trouble of ordering & then refunding me. Someone must have been able to do a colour match.

<off topic but still very disappointed at never replacing lipstick> grin.

CleverCircusFlea Fri 12-Apr-13 08:15:26

Here's a lovely story about my local bettaware man... Some months ago he must have pushed one of his catalogue a through my door. In ever really look too closely at junk mail, so it probably went straight into recycling bin. For about four weeks he used to come about twice a week (always in my working hours, so I never actually met him) and leave a lovely printed note saying he wants his catalogue back... The note had a picture of an axe on itshock

HappyMummyOfOne Fri 12-Apr-13 08:49:01

Detest Kleeneze and Betterware, over priced and i'd rather buy from a store. Catalogues rarely collected so just get wet.

Thankfully they seemed to have died off in the last year. Forums suggested people do this sort of thing to bump up hours for WTC but HMRC are now stricter re SE people so its not the easy option anymore.

TheNebulousBoojum Fri 12-Apr-13 08:51:37

That's why I put it in the recycle bin by the door, they can have it back, and dry too.
They just have to go through the junkmail, cans, newspapers, bottles and glass to find it. Then tidy up the mess.
No one has chosen that option yet.

NumericalMum Fri 12-Apr-13 09:24:32

I can't stand these and any of those party things either. It is always someone trying to fleece money off their friends using guilt tactics, especially when it is someone doing it as a hobby when they are SAHMs while I trek off to work every day to earn money. Either get an evening job in tesco or don't but don't make me spend money via a guilt trip!

pumpkinsweetie Fri 12-Apr-13 09:34:34

Yanbu in the fact 9pm is too late, but yabu in the fact that it is just as easy to slip it in a sandwich bag and leave outside for collection. Some people make money doing this, and they have to pay for the catalogues they give out so it might be fairer to put a note in with it saying you are not interested in purchasing from them.

MissFredi Mon 22-Apr-13 14:56:08

I am an Avon rep and I don't think yabu at all! 9pm is ridiculous. When it's winter I feel bad doing it in the dark even if its only 5pm, purely because they can't see me.

Although tbh if someone chucks it away I don't really mind. I ask them on a post it to leave it out and if they don't I assume they're not interested whatsoever so fair dos to them.

Also that axe on the note thing is creeeeepyshock

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