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To think this is unfair and discriminatory?

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Catsize Thu 11-Apr-13 11:23:57

We have a house. Mortgage has come to the end of its five year special rate and we are now on something much more expensive, so we want to switch.


Civil partnership for six years. Have had a mortgage for 13yrs, partner has had one for 28yrs. Never missed a payment. Both have good jobs. I have been self-employed for 11yrs and have all relevant accounts, figures etc. partner went self-employed as a freelance journalist to look after our son after I took seven months off to have him etc. She is earning money.

We are fortunate to have 60% equity in the house.


Because I had a baby and don't get maternity leave etc, my income dipped. It is rising again. It has been fairy constant for the past years, but dropped to half of usual on year end 2012. As soon as I went back, income was back to usual level.
Have tried to remortgage, but am getting turned down again and again as they will only look at most recent year end, as this was a drop in income.

They will not consider my partner's income at all because she does not have three years' accounts (would have been better with her continuing employment and putting child in nursery!). Naturally though, they take into account her car loan, credit cards etc.! I am deemed to have two dependents, even though that is not the reality.

Spent an hour on the phone to HSBC yesterday (who allegedly averaged last three years, in which case we still qualified just about) to be told I could be lent less than twice my income. Marvellous. No real reason given, but can only assume it is for the same reasons as the other companies -drop in income due to maternity leave so the computer says 'no'!

We appear to have hit a brick wall.

Just wondering if anyone else has experience of this? Any helpful mortgage companies out there?!

Have written to MP and government but would help to have experience of others.

Sorry this is rather long!

Alwayscheerful Sat 13-Apr-13 13:25:46

My husband is a Chartered Accountant, a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Institute often send out flyers promoting special rates for self employed members. I wonder if you have a professional body with similar connections?

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