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to think regulars who name change are cowards?

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ssd Wed 10-Apr-13 18:14:30

whats the bloody point??

are you so scared someone on here wont think you're great anymore?

I can understand name changing if someone has recognized you and is giving you grief, but name changing because you feel like saying something that may annoy others is pathetic

stand by your convictions people!

mrsjay Wed 10-Apr-13 19:31:38

if somebody name changes because they are needing a bit of privacy in what they are posting about I cant see what is wrong with that, It is nothing to do with not being liked, namechanging to be down right nasty is cowardly as it is decieving (sp)

MintyyAeroEgg Wed 10-Apr-13 19:31:58

I namechange to post about embarrassing or personal stuff that I don't want widely known.

I don't n/c to stir up trouble and think it should be a bannable offence, if bannable is actually a word.

MadameDefarge Wed 10-Apr-13 19:37:56

I never namechange, unless its for fun purposes...(IPOAT, anyone?).

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Wed 10-Apr-13 19:41:28

I NC ALL the time because I tend to give too much personal detail away and the panic. I'm not a coward thanks...I'm sensible.

YouTheCat Wed 10-Apr-13 19:44:31

Name changing to shit stir is, well, shit.

Name changing for privacy is fine. Name changing because you fancy a change, also fine.

I name changed but put on my profile what my old name was anyway.

usualsuspect Wed 10-Apr-13 19:46:33

The ones who NC to be twats annoy least I'm a twat in this name only grin

kim147 Wed 10-Apr-13 19:47:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ssd Wed 10-Apr-13 19:48:34

snap usualsuspect grin

DaisyFlower123 Wed 10-Apr-13 19:48:53

I am very honest in my posts and often refer to RL experiences etc. I have posted about serious matters such my expereinces of sexual abuse/ rape to the trivial. I enjoy mumsnet and like to be able to rant and speak freely. I name change regularly as I don't want people to know who I am in RL or be recognised. My nearest and dearest know all about my life but I don't want the mums at the local school gate recognising me and matching me with a range of posts I put up, it isn't a level of detail I want them too know. At the same time I find Mumsnet hugely helpful when I have issues etc, so it is my way of interacting and joining a community whilst protecting my privacy.

Sparklingbrook Wed 10-Apr-13 19:49:59

NC to shit stir sounds like a lot of effort. confused

MandragoraWurzelstock Wed 10-Apr-13 19:51:05

SSD your name has always struck me as particularly obscure, and I have no idea who you might be from what you post.

You're not like me. I post a lot, I've posted about things I feel bad about (past mistakes, to empathise with those going through similar) and so on and I've also posted about really normal things, or things I haven't done wrong, and got hugely flamed for them.

So yes I blooming do namechange - constantly - and I've been recognised at least twice by RL friends, in the 6 years I've been here and really, what do you care if someone anonymous changes their username to another one - they're still anonymous, to you.

You're not making any sense.

fuzzypicklehead Wed 10-Apr-13 19:52:00

I have a couple of names that I use frequently. One is linked to my blog and it would take about 30 seconds for a person to identify me, and where I live, work, etc. So I don't think it's fair to post about sensitive stuff or situations that relate to people in real life under that name, because they would become easily identifiable too.

It's quite scary to hear about people being outed and having their posts printed out and given to their families--that's shit stirring on an incredible level!

ohmentalnessisme Wed 10-Apr-13 19:53:52

I nc every few months in case anyone in rl recognises me on here

LadyBeagleEyes Wed 10-Apr-13 19:57:40

I've never name changed except for seasonal names, but I'm always a beagle.
I don't tend to talk about personal issues on here though.

Bowlersarm Wed 10-Apr-13 20:00:01

I don't understand the posters saying that because they name change on here it means people in RL won't recognise them. Can someone explain to simple old me how that works? Do you mean that people in RL know your username?

Losingexcessweight Wed 10-Apr-13 20:03:46

I dont know anyone that uses mumsnet, well to my knowledge i dont.

I have name changed in the past because i ve started threads where people have thought i was a nasty vicious bitch etc and its gone down badly.

Some of you mumsnetters remember some of my threads that i started under another nickname. Afew have commented that you often think of my old threads. Mumsnetter have said this when they have said my situation sounds familiar when i have posted about a new problem.

Also some mumsnetters read back your old threads when you post with a problem and then bring your old thread up on your new thread which then affects the advice people give about the new problem you have posted about.

SatsukiKusukabe Wed 10-Apr-13 20:03:57

some people are more easily identifiable due to circumstances

SatsukiKusukabe Wed 10-Apr-13 20:04:28

that was to bowlersarm

Hassled Wed 10-Apr-13 20:07:08

I've namechanged a handful of times to ask about something which on its own probably wouldn't out me but, if added to other stuff I've said over the years, might well tell someone exactly who I am and what I think about quite sensitive stuff. Which I'd rather avoid.

And I have no problem with anyone else doing that. Or for namechanging for any reason at all unless they're goading.

SatsukiKusukabe Wed 10-Apr-13 20:07:08

say a French woman posts in mumsnet. she lives in a small town in the UK and mentions it by name in one post. In another posts she says she has 2 kids and a great dane, that's her outed. So when she announces her pregnancy and her boss reads it or she calls her neighbor a knob. Life suddenly gets difficult

DaisyFlower123 Wed 10-Apr-13 20:08:12

Bowler, some people may recognise a post, or a concern I raise. They would then be able to search under my username and see everything else I had ever posted, some of which is very personal and sensitive to me. Call it damage limitation, they are able to only then read a limited number of my posts rather than my whole history on mumsnet which is quite extensive!

thebody Wed 10-Apr-13 20:09:12

I probably should but can't be arsed.

Have posted some personal things about dd though but she aware.

Have also posted things I wish I hadn't but that's life.

SmellieWellies Wed 10-Apr-13 20:10:59

Circumstances, bowler and also writing style sometimes.

For me, well, I have written about problems with people in the past, and it is quite specific. I have an ongoing issue with an ex friend right now which very very occasionally I ask advice about in relationships, but for THIS nn, Smellie i use for fun, lighthearted stuff. Sometimes I will write about my job, and anyone who knows me well would suspect, as it is a fairly unusual job and then if they do a name search on you it would be easy to put 2 and 2 together.

Also, i have a blog, and sometimes make reference to it under my blog name, then nc for more personal stuff.

In the early days of being a mother i really had problems transitioning and had pnd. i wrote about that under another nn, as |i just needed the anonymity. Maybe i am overthinking it to think i have a 'profile' but it soothes me to know that i am putting some sort of obstacle in the way of people guessing who I am.

Bowlersarm Wed 10-Apr-13 20:11:37

But satsuki it wouldn't matter if they changed their username from bob to bill, Ben or whatever - they would still be recognisable in RL if they fice enough personal details on any situation-the user name becomes irrelevant

However I take on whatlosingexcessweight says, and if you have been particularly arsey on a thread it might be nice to have a fresh start on MN

LynetteScavo Wed 10-Apr-13 20:12:24

name change sometimes, because I need to post about work/ my family/my intimate parts and don't want to be recongnised. Some family members know my talk name, and I don't want them to know every little thing about me.

It's about my on-line foot print.

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