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To be shocked at Game of Thrones - it's very rude!

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bettycocker Wed 10-Apr-13 11:25:47

I just got a copy of series 1 of Game of Thrones from a mate.

It's very rude. It's like Lord of the Rings, only with tits and incest. I had heard about it and thought DS 14 would enjoy something like that. After watching it myself, I think he would enjoy it a little too much.

I think it's fab, but I haven't seen any other TV series that feature so much full frontal nudity. It even has willies!

AIBU to be totally shocked at how rude it is?

OzmaofOz Wed 10-Apr-13 21:30:02

Is Spartacus any good ? Haven't seen it at all. Wouldn't mind getting it to a good series as there is bugger all on telly these days. [moany]

WildlingPrincess Wed 10-Apr-13 21:30:47

That's a massively popular theory davey and one I hope is true grin

WildlingPrincess Wed 10-Apr-13 21:31:09

Well, the Lyanna bit at least.

gobbledegook1 Wed 10-Apr-13 21:46:35

The first series of sparticus was very good but 10x ruder than Game of Thrones. It went down hill after that and I couldn't take to the new actor for Sparticus.

WorriedMummy73 Wed 10-Apr-13 21:48:22

Didn't the original Spartacus actor die of cancer? Very sad.

OzmaofOz Wed 10-Apr-13 21:48:37

It's been going for quite a while hasn't it, keep on meaning to get in to breaking bad too.

M0naLisa Wed 10-Apr-13 21:50:01

My dad keeps telling me to watch it as its good apparently but he says

'Its like a porn film in parts'

Yeah thanks dad grin

gobbledegook1 Wed 10-Apr-13 21:58:30

He did Worried, very sad indeed.

YouTheCat Wed 10-Apr-13 22:37:45

I got confused then and thought you meant Kirk Douglas was dead.

LaQueen Wed 10-Apr-13 23:17:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Thu 11-Apr-13 00:00:10

There's a bit in the first book. And really that doesn't count as a spoiler. Bran sees the 3-eyed crow and follows him, in a dream, to the crypt at Winterfell. There he sees and speaks to his father, who, they found out, has been executed. He tells Maester Luwin of it, and that Hodor will not go down to the crypts, so Osha bears him. He tells Maester that he saw Ned and that Ned was sad, because of something with Jon's mother. And the rest is left to chance.

It is often brought up that Ned was honourable, yet fathered a bastard, and even in the book 1, it is said that Catelyn knew men fathered bastards, that Ned was welcome to what solace he found on campaign, as her attentions were focused on Robb, who was breastfeeding. Yet she expected any bastard would be looked after, but not brought home to be reared among a man's own trueborn children, as Jon was. She accepts it as that the northmen are different.

In the book she heard rumours among her maids, of the Lady Ashara, the sister of Ser Arthur Deyne, the Sword of the Morning, and she knew her husband had slew him, and the Lady had thrown herself off a cliff into the sea. She hears rumours that the Lady had born a child.

She speaks as much to Ned and it was one of the few times he went mental at her, though he never struck her. He asks her where she heard such a tale, and after that she never hears anything again.

But it leaves it all open to interpretation, given Ned's flashbacks and dreams, particularly after his leg is crushed and he lies in the dungeons accused of treason.

Ned remembers meeting Deyne, and those who were with him, and the screams of Lyanna from the Tower of Joy, and her 'bed of blood'. And 'Promise me, Ned.'

BegoniaBampot Thu 11-Apr-13 08:26:02

going to catch up with the thread, only watched up to season 2. Any spoilers given away?

Trills Thu 11-Apr-13 08:37:08

YABVU to be shocked that an 18-rated series s rude! grin

A review you might like coparing the books to Lord of the Rings - top difference There are no good guys and bad guys. There are just a bunch of guys.

bettycocker Thu 11-Apr-13 11:27:32

I'm a bit of a lady lover and find Cersei really hot in an evil kind of way.

BegoniaBampot Thu 11-Apr-13 11:30:26

every time I look at Cersei I just see an older Keira Knightly, even sounds like her too.

YouTheCat Thu 11-Apr-13 11:31:33

Tbf, I don't think Keira Knightley has her range. grin

bettycocker Thu 11-Apr-13 11:34:55

Nooo, you just ruined it for me now BegoniaBampot. wink I never noticed it before, but now I do and I don't find Keira Knightly remotely attractive.

Thanks for the link Trills. grin

sashh Thu 11-Apr-13 12:25:56

I seem to remember from series 1 that I was rather annoyed by Daenerys' wedding night. It looks a lot like khal drogo rapes her but in the book, it's consensual.

And only a few days before her 14th birthday.

DoubleLifeIsALifeHalved Thu 11-Apr-13 20:35:03

I am so cross! I just got into game of thrones, watched first 6 episodes of series 1 on sky go and then to my horror in the early hours of this morning sky has somehow locked me out of sky on demand... Arrrrgh! I neeeed to watch the rest of it.... I'm addicted and very very cross!

AvrilPoisson Thu 11-Apr-13 21:57:34

Hahaha- begonia I always say to DH that I think they have exactly the same mouth and movements. It's her lower jaw jut.

Trills Fri 12-Apr-13 09:04:35

Lena Headey is really very different to Keira Knightley.

BegoniaBampot Fri 12-Apr-13 09:20:25

Nope they are dopplegangers.

I think she looks like Kiera Knightlys older sister.

YouTheCat Fri 12-Apr-13 22:47:54

Well, I have finished the first book.

I think Jon Snow is Robert's son which is why Ned took him under his wing and also why he has black hair - like all of Robert's other bastards. grin

BegoniaBampot Fri 12-Apr-13 22:49:51

Youthecat - said the same to mu husband after we watched the first series. makes more sense and is more dramatic.

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