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To ask for advice on how to tell family

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mootime Tue 09-Apr-13 11:37:08

Probably not the right place for this, but I'm not sure where else to post. Ok, so we just found out that I'm pregnant again and after the initial shock we are thrilled. We've had a tricky time in the baby making area, initially having an eptopic, then a miscarriage then our son died neonatally. We are now blessed to have two lovely small people at home and all being well we should.have another. Sadly though my db and sil have been trying for a while and have just found out there are some issues. Despite what we've been through I'm struggling to think of how to tell them. I know my brother is going to get really upset, and while she will be supportive, I know she will also be really upset. We are only 6w, (had scan this morning) so no rush to tell them, but I don't know if it might be better sooner rather than later. Their issues are unlikely to be resolved in the next 6 weeks, but they may have a plan of action.
Any thoughts or advice?

Nordicmom Tue 09-Apr-13 22:42:54

Thanks Mariana , same to you !

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