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To want to hit people although they are saying the right thing.

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sugarplumpfairy Tue 09-Apr-13 00:29:46

My DD who is 5 hasn't been quite right for a few weeks, on and off fevers, achy legs and lethargic. At first thought it was a virus as I know a lot had been going round. Last night I noticed a large lump in the side of her neck visible on one side. I took her to the Drs today and saw his face when he felt the lump. She has to have blood tests at childrens outpatients wed.
I'm a nurse and probably know to much but am panicking like mad and all i've had from everyone is ''don't worry til there is something to worry about''.
I know that is logical but am so worried, didn't sleep last night and have had alot of silent tears in the bathroom today. Am usually rational but really don't feel it now sad

YouTheCat Tue 09-Apr-13 00:33:16

Hope it all turns out to be a virus. (((Sugarplumpfairy)))

lisad123everybodydancenow Tue 09-Apr-13 00:36:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlackeyedSusan Tue 09-Apr-13 00:41:04

platitudes do not help. some people do not know what to say to make it better. if only it were so easy to stop worrying and forget the stuff you have learned as a nurse.

what are you going to do tomorrow? make it a memorable day? what does dd like doing? is she up to much?

((hugs)) and a hand to hold.

sugarplumpfairy Tue 09-Apr-13 00:41:24

Thanks guys. My normal head is sure it's a silly virus but it's the fact she has nothing specific, throat ok, chest ok etc but she's just not quite right but been plodding on for a few weeks and this lump is a worry.
Hope you feel better soon Lisa and get to the bottom of it.

lisad123everybodydancenow Tue 09-Apr-13 00:50:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sugarplumpfairy Tue 09-Apr-13 00:50:42

Susan she loves glueing and sticking and all evil messy stuff! think i'll just let her get on with it! Bless her. The way I feel, she can make as much mess as she likes!

kotinka Tue 09-Apr-13 01:39:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlackeyedSusan Tue 09-Apr-13 01:42:27

if it were me, that is whati would do tomorrow. then you will want to hit me aas you tidy up... grin

OrangeFootedScrubfowl Tue 09-Apr-13 02:07:00

It's natural to fear the worst but it is still unlikely to be that worst thing. Don't make yourself ill worrying.
Hugs and good luck.

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