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To think that ex is a bastarding twatface

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GreatBallsofFluff Mon 08-Apr-13 22:21:01

If MNHQ want to change the title go for it I'm just so angry right now.

We have not been together for over 6 years. Yes it was an acrimonious split but certainly for the last 4 years things have been civil. He lives a mile away from DD and me. For possibly a year he had DD for one night every fortnight regularly. Otherwise he makes very little effort with DD and when she did visit him he did nothing with her. All entertainment was provided by me (books, games, dvds etc).

He has seen DD once this year during half term in February. I have heard nothing since. I texted him today to see if he could help with looking after DD at all on Monday as it is a non pupil day. I work full time and have forked out a small fortune for this Easter holiday for childcare. He texted back that he'll find out and let me know, but he's off until Saturday angry. WTAF????

There was no text to see if he could see DD, no offer of help. He knows I have no support whatsoever. Fucking twatface bastard.

Just to say I have never denied him seeing DD. The door is open anytime, and the same with DD if she asks to see him I will text to let him know and try to arrange something.


b4bunnies Mon 08-Apr-13 22:43:31

hmm. obviously, he is exactly as you describe but...
he hasn't done a thing (virtually) this year, and you expect him to help out at a time convenient for you? your expectations are too high. if he took a real interest, with weekly contact etc, you might reasonably have expected him to shape up when needed, but he's obviously a loser and you're barking up the wrong tree if you expect that particular bloke to be of any use at all.

GreatBallsofFluff Mon 08-Apr-13 22:56:11

I know b4bunnies my expectations are way too high but I can't help it when he's the only one around to 'help'. I ask for so little from him and it just pisses me right off.

And breath.

glass of wine (or two or three) and be glad that DD is having fun at holiday clubs which she wouldn't be having if she was with him. there's the perspective I needed, no amount of money is too much just to ensure DD's happiness and contentedness (or some such word which is real grin

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