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For dc not to got any Easter eggs

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fuckwittery Sun 07-Apr-13 18:32:41

Before I get flamed, i have always struggled with periods such as Christmas and Easter - as these were never very happy times in my childhood, and i am particularly miserable after my mum died last year and I have no surviving family except dh and dc. Just didn't have the energy to do a "thing" for Easter this year and felt sad we would have no family to visit or visit is, dh was working, have first trimester exhaustion and sickness and so we went to the cinema on Easter Sunday (am church goer but couldn't face the celebrations and happy Easters etc at church. I am feeling quite guilty about this btw.)

So, I also bought no Easter eggs and they were not given any (dd2 got one and not dd1 weirdly so I didnt give it to them to avoid arguments!!) Have never really done easter and didn't think dc would notice. they are nearly 6 and 3. Dd1 saw a friend yesterday who was working her way through 10 Easter eggs. Dd1 doesn't even like chocolate btw! Now she has had a long chat about Easter and asked me why the easter bunny has not been and is sad at not having lots of eggs. I really don't want to introduce an Easter bloody bunny, but I suppose I could manage a treasure hunt in the garden with some mini eggs? Aibu to do this a week late? Just realised that dd1's year 1 class will probably be all be talking about Easter at school when they get back so I should probably do something. But FFS 10 Easter eggs! Can't compete with that now although I could get them a sale one from thorntons online.

fuckwittery Mon 08-Apr-13 22:26:13

To a large supermarket, our morrisons is just a little one in the town.

NynaevesSister Tue 09-Apr-13 14:35:23

Sounds like a perfect Easter to me and a lovely memory for you and your kids

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