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To think Paris Brown should be sacked at once!

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seeminglyso Sun 07-Apr-13 17:02:55

What lessons otherwise are we sending to teenagers!

LaQueen Thu 11-Apr-13 15:02:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

x2boys Thu 11-Apr-13 14:56:54

Interestingley i was chatting to my line manager yesterday about this and she has resigned now we both thought she had been treated quite harshley considering she was between 14-16 when she made these comments and thankgod the internet was nt around when i was that age all the crap i came out with my line manager is indian heritage and a muslim and he did nt consider her comments paticularly racist just a bit immature!

pansyflimflam Thu 11-Apr-13 14:32:14

The just waited for her to announce it after Thatcher died so it would be buried in the deluge of Thatcher navel gazing. Good riddance to her and the bad idea it was in the first place.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Wed 10-Apr-13 07:30:36

Glad she did.

If you are going to be youth representative you have to represent all equally and not hold bigoted views against gays or travellers or anyone else.

pansyflimflam Wed 10-Apr-13 07:06:40

She has resigned

sashh Wed 10-Apr-13 04:33:18

I pulled a teenager up on using a racist word in class (couple of years ago now) and she used it again so I challenged her again.

Eventually I told her to stop using the word as it said more about her than the person she was talking about.

Then she asked me what word she should use instead. She genuinely didn't know the word she was using was racist.

And this was a nice girl, nice family, worked hard, handed in homework etc.

Exactly the kind of teenager you want if you have teenagers.

Taken out of context you would assume she was racist.

Teenagers, even intelligent, hard working ones make stupid mistakes and say stupid things.

Every year colleges/schools up and down the country tell students to use their college e-mail on UCAS forms, not 'sexysusie' or 'JohnwithamassivedickBrown'

I think Paris Brown should be given a chance.

MsBella Wed 10-Apr-13 02:43:04

If she's grown up and changed as understands she's wrong then id forget it

And yes pikey is racist its just as bad as nigger and paki maybe worse is some cases

Blissx Tue 09-Apr-13 17:16:31

No doubt we will now see Paris Brown on Big Brother or some other reality show. It's a shame as young people really need to understand that they have documented pretty much their whole lives on Social Media and they could be harming themselves in the future when it comes to Job interviews etc.

moodymai Tue 09-Apr-13 17:06:29

"I also think it is another slap in the face for all the decent teens out there. They sit in school day in day out, doing their best to be decent pupils. They go about their daily lives without getting into trouble, without making homophobic, racist comments. They don't drink or smoke. Yet all they see is trouble makers getting treats in school (special days out etc), youth centres that target troubled teens and send them on the holiday camps (youth centre local to me does this).. And this person has been making these public comments and gets this cushty job at a time that her peers cannot even get a part time job, despite being model citizens. "

Well said, ihearsounds

moodymai Tue 09-Apr-13 17:02:30

ihearsounds good points

ComposHat Tue 09-Apr-13 17:00:45

She should have never been appointed in the first place, it smacks of tokenism and a publicity stunt by the police commissioner (they are a waste of time too but that's another point) that has backfired in spectacular style.

My only sadness us that this will be used by the Daily Mail et al to cast all yoing people in a negative light.

What was she going to do for 40 hours a week? How much weekly advice eould you need? Why does this one girl get to speak for all youmg people in Kent?

Pigsmummy Tue 09-Apr-13 16:49:47

She resigned, she needed to and hopefully it might make the youngsters of today realise that social networking can have a damaging effect on your career.

PostmanPatricia Tue 09-Apr-13 16:40:48

the lesson here is that Ann Barnes is an idiot, and Police Commissioners are a waste of money.

Viviennemary Tue 09-Apr-13 16:36:52

I think it was more a case of being forced into resigning rather than the job offer being withdrawn. I don't for a minute think she has done this willingly. Judging by her performances at the weekend.

They could hardly have found somebody more unsuitable if they'd tried.

K8Middleton Tue 09-Apr-13 16:12:49

by the not Hythe!

K8Middleton Tue 09-Apr-13 16:11:55

Nah it's all just the usual politics. The senior politician stands Hythe disgraced person while stating the comments/actions are abhorrent while in the background pressure is put on the disgraced to resign. It cannot be played out any other way without greater risk to reputation.

It's always the same. This is no different and I think Ann Barnes' team need a bollocking for not doing due diligence but I think AB's played this as well as she could. She'll do her job well I reckon.

McBalls Tue 09-Apr-13 16:00:49

I agree.
I think Ann Barnes made a massive cock-up and it should be on her shoulders.
Paris Brown has, hopefully, learnt a huge lesson and I hope she is now left alone.

TiggyD Tue 09-Apr-13 15:57:48

In that case she's done something right. Hopefully she'll carry on doing the right things in life and turn out lovely.

McBalls Tue 09-Apr-13 15:43:52

She has resigned now.

NadiaWadia Mon 08-Apr-13 18:48:10

She sound really unpleasant, racist, homophobic and thick. She even admits to being racist.

Was she really the best candidate for the job? There must be something going on here we don't know about. Why was she chosen out of 164 applicants when there are so many decent kids out there?

She should certainly be sacked. OK, she is very young, but she chose to put herself in the public eye and has a responsibility to represent the whole community, which due to her vile opinions she obviously can't.

crossparsley Mon 08-Apr-13 18:44:52

does I haven't got a mock-outraged high horse. I'm not outraged or mock-outraged. But if you would like to retain civil respect in future (MANNERS!) you might want to accept that lots of people think one of the words you use is entirely arsey.

PS, "pica pica" is not "Latin" for magpie. It's a binomial, as invented by Linnaeus in the C18th and developed since, borrowing from the actual Latin for jay or magpie, which is pica. so really do stop trying to be a smartarse, 15 minutes on the internet would shore up the first syllable.

Tethering Mon 08-Apr-13 18:06:56

DoesBuggerAll I've lived beside travellers and work with them. They are no more likely to steal or be anti-social than anyone else. They all pay taxes. They're involved in the travelling community and their local community. They raise hundreds of thousands for charity each year.

You might want to reconsider your language as: (a) it is offensive and b) people have been charged for using exactly that terminology

You may think your comments have no effects but bullying of traveller children has increased to the levels of the 1960's in the last two years partly because of TV programmes like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and partly due to ignorant commenters like yourself.

paintyourbox Mon 08-Apr-13 18:01:59

I am all for second chances but her actions were racist/homophobic/irresponsible.

Everyone says stupid things, I know I did when I was a teenager: " I hate yooooou, no one understands meeeee," etc but there's a line that's been crossed in this situation.

I was brought up to recognise that we are all equal regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. Making comments to suggest otherwise would never, ever have been tolerated.

And yeah, some of today's teens do talk about shocking subjects but I have never heard any racism or homosexuality from the teens in the town where I live.

TheOriginalSteamingNit Mon 08-Apr-13 17:55:49

It's upsetting and wrong and extremely problematic to suggest this is just 'normal teenage behaviour'. There are some racist horrible teenagers, of course, but it's not right to suggest this is normal behaviour.

There are plenty of lovely, bright, non-racist teenagers out there: I think she needs to be sacked in favour of one of them.

gabsid Mon 08-Apr-13 17:52:49

They said her comments were 'out of context'. I can't think of any context those comments would not be really terrible. And I didn't see it as an apology but only an excuse. I believe she has lost her credibility and if they still imployed her without thorough investigation of her character then it sends out the message that it is OK to say stuff like that.

True, they need somebody who can interact with young people. True, young people make mistakes (and old people) and say stupid stuff but such attitudes cannot be tolerated in anyone.

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