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swayed for a girl =diet,timing,ph levels,and got another boy.

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racheael76 Sat 06-Apr-13 19:32:39

hi i really wanted a daughter this time as we already have 2 sons.i did the dairy diet,milk no salt limited chicken drank evian water ,took calcuim and magnesuim tablets,douche with massengill vinegar(cost a fortune form overseas!) plotted ovulation conceived 5 days before ovulation.i did every thing i know for a liitle many people have a daughter and a son.did anyone sway and got the sex they wanted?did anyone sway and got wrong gender?what did i do wrong?

SpottyTeacakes Sat 06-Apr-13 19:35:54


GraceSpeaker Sat 06-Apr-13 19:36:03

What scientific evidence is there that any of this can help you determine the sex of your child?

I hope you never tell your little boy that you 'got it wrong'.

juniper9 Sat 06-Apr-13 19:36:34

What you did wrong was to listen to stupid tales about how to determine gender.

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 06-Apr-13 19:36:36

You must be joking. You are, right? Consider yourself lucky you had your third presumably healthy boy. angry

CockyFox Sat 06-Apr-13 19:36:57

You didn't do anything wrong, you just can't choose and I've read the same advice to get a boy and girl depending where you read it. You het what you get and love them just the same.

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 06-Apr-13 19:37:19

Oh and angry again.

IdaClair Sat 06-Apr-13 19:37:39

I am happy that you have three healthy sons, congratulations. It is the father and chance that determines the sex of a child. It is upbringing, society and personality that determines the gender of a child. I don't think you did anything wrong, but I hope you are happy with your houseful of genders in the end.

ItsAllTLAsToMe Sat 06-Apr-13 19:37:44

Is there actually any scientific basis for those things? Surely the sex of the foetus is determined by whether the first sperm to reach the egg has an X or a Y chromosome?

AuntFini Sat 06-Apr-13 19:37:52


BabyMakesTheBellyGoRound Sat 06-Apr-13 19:38:18


Wishfulmakeupping Sat 06-Apr-13 19:38:20

Have my first ever biscuit

Iamsparklyknickers Sat 06-Apr-13 19:39:35

"What did I do wrong?"

Thought you could biologically influence your childs sex at conception with vinegar and plotting your ovulation into Excel like some technological vodoo shaman.

Besides it's the sperm that decides the sex, you don't have a Y chromosome to pass on.

Congratulations on your baby/pregnancy by the way.

BabyMakesTheBellyGoRound Sat 06-Apr-13 19:39:49

I hope you wrote a strongly worded letter of complaint to the vinegar company.

racheael76 Sat 06-Apr-13 19:40:07

i do love my sons so so much and would never be without little boy is georgeous so glad i have him but want a girl soooooooooo much .any tips for next time?

Eebahgum Sat 06-Apr-13 19:40:09

I really hope that this is a joke. What you did wrong was decide to get pregnant again when you clearly only had a 50% chance of being happy with the outcome.

AuntFini Sat 06-Apr-13 19:40:15

Ooops, pressed post too soon. Not laughing at your disappointment, sometimes women feel this way and it's not really wrong to want a particular gender, as long as your little boy never knows; but you were very, erm, naive to waste your time and money on this! Congratulations on your son.

TiredFeet Sat 06-Apr-13 19:40:28

Boys are awesome! I wouldn't swap my son for all the girls in england.
If you are actually serious, go read some threads where people are desperate to conceive but can't, etc etc and realise how lucky you are

EllenJanesthickerknickers Sat 06-Apr-13 19:41:51

After my 2 boys, I did the trying to conceive early in the cycle thing, but knew in my heart of hearts that I was more likely to have a boy. With the same couple after 2 of the same sex the chances of another baby of the same sex is 70:30. So I tried to get pregnant knowing I would love my baby whatever the sex, even if I had a slight preference for a girl. My DS3 is gorgeous, now 10 yo and I love having 3 boys. You really do just love what you get. smile

CoteDAzur Sat 06-Apr-13 19:42:45

I don't know anything about diet (Evian? hmm) but "dates" method worked for us - DD was conceived 5 days before ovulation and DS was conceived on the date of ovulation.

All this increases the chances of having a certain sex, though. It doesn't mean that the child you conceived 5 days before ovulation has to be a girl.

CockyFox Sat 06-Apr-13 19:43:48

There are no tips OP, it is something we can't control.

LindyHemming Sat 06-Apr-13 19:44:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tilder Sat 06-Apr-13 19:44:33

Maybe you will get lucky and have twin boys next time.

Congratulations in your family.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sat 06-Apr-13 19:44:35


The sex of the baby is determined by sperm

You should go abroad for gender selection ivf for future offspring, to guarantee the gender you require.

BarredfromhavingStella Sat 06-Apr-13 19:44:51

hmm what utter bollocks angry

Like has already been said, why don't you visit the ttc area then stfu as you are lucky enough to have 3 children

Have another angry as your silly post has pissed me right off.

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