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' women are looking for friends, men are looking for fucks' aibu to be seeting.

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parrelluniverse Sat 06-Apr-13 14:17:23

this gem was said to me a few days ago by a potential date. I had been speaking to him for about 2 weeks and until that point he had been lovely, we had a date arranged which has now been cancelled.

He had got a bit overly flirty, i had called him on it and that was his response, he was also cross at women, as they dont mean to be hurtful, but apparently they are, when the reject these ' fucks' or ' fuck advances'

degree educated, posh job, seemed perfectable respectable until this point.

I am still SO angry about this. I accept it is true, especially with online dating, i have enough experience to verify it, but it just makes me angry.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Sat 06-Apr-13 19:57:39

Distribution of obscene materials, maybe?

OP, have you complained to the dating sites? It sounds like the lovely trolls we get here somewhat, posting to provoke, and maybe they can get banned.

ParsleyTheLioness Sun 07-Apr-13 19:10:12

Scrambled has it and others. It's flashing via the internet. It's not meant to turn you on, its what it does for them. In days gone by, they'd have gone to the park, now it's much easier for them. Horrible bastards. FWIW on my OD profile I have said I don't do the smutty talk. Doesn't stop some of them trying, but that's what the block button is for. I would block at the first sign of anyone showing too early an interest in how I dress my fanjo.

b4bunnies Sun 07-Apr-13 21:08:34

op, you didn't know that? its the first you've heard of it?
most educated men have a bit more discretion about it, though.

parrelluniverse Mon 08-Apr-13 11:03:36

ack, please dont make out im some kind of prude.. Yes, im not a fool, i do know that men like sex. heck, i like it too.
But for it to be put so bluntly, and being put above all else, well, its insulting.

For example, i was meant to have a date later today, all nice chat, then he texts last night to tell me hes having a wank over my pics. That is wht its like, all the time.
I had a massive go at him and asked if he would say that to a womans face, and he said no, course not. But its how you are treated when you do online dating, or in fact as a vaguley attractive single woman... just as a comodity. its not nice, and unless you have been on the recieving end of it, you wont know.

I know plenty of relationships where the men arent there ' just for the fucks' and im sure you would be highly insulted if your husband just shrugged and said that too. its not any different just because i happen to be single.

ParsleyTheLioness Mon 08-Apr-13 16:08:57

I don't think you are being prudish. It's bang out of order. First sign of any silliness though, and I block. Not worth trying to educate them.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 08-Apr-13 16:30:49

YY parallel. The fact that bloke wouldn't say it To your face says plenty, doesn't it?

beautyfades Mon 08-Apr-13 18:06:22

Get rid!!!!!

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