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To be pissed off with my celebrity look-a-like?

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DameDoom Fri 05-Apr-13 08:02:13

Went for lunch with a friend (Heidi Klum) look-a-like yesterday. She was playing the 'ooh - which gorgeous supermodel do I look like game'. Bit boring and predictable as she really does.What a fisher. Anyhoos, I came out as Vic Reeves... not a young one either. Ran to loo to adjust winkle pickers and novelty leggings only to stare into the face of... Vic Reeves. Everywhere I go Vic is staring out at me.Am uncanny spit.
Which celeb do you look like but would rather not?

Piplin Fri 05-Apr-13 08:45:09

Avril lavigne a bit meh about it
I work with someone who is the female Patrick swayze!

MisterUdagawa Fri 05-Apr-13 08:46:25

Ha. Lovely mate if mine HATES being told she looks like jennie bond the royal reporter or bloody that woman off loose woman. The cruise singer Jayne McDonald. I had a jm photo onto phone that flashed when she rang. Made me HOOT

DonDrapersAltrEgoBigglesDraper Fri 05-Apr-13 08:47:47

I've been told I look like a rake of different people, from the sublime to the ridiculous (the blonde one from Abba...? Nicole Kidman?? I'm dark-haired, brown-eyed and olive-skinned grin).

I don't look like a single one of them, needless to say.

MisterUdagawa Fri 05-Apr-13 08:47:58

I was once told I looked like Ricky lake (in hairspray days). Thanks a fucking bunch.
Till they hurriedly said. "But thinner ". Yeah.

DonDrapersAltrEgoBigglesDraper Fri 05-Apr-13 08:49:36

I would love to encounter a female Swayze-alike. grin

dizzyhoneybee Fri 05-Apr-13 08:49:41

Look on the bright side, it's got to be better to look in the mirror and see your mother looking back at you hasn't it?! Depending who you resemble of course....

Chocoflump Fri 05-Apr-13 08:50:32

I look like dawn French

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Fri 05-Apr-13 08:52:23

On a good day people say I look like Kate Bush

On a bad day Shelley Duvall

Longdistance Fri 05-Apr-13 08:52:27

Julia Roberts believe it or not. I can't see it myself, but loads of people have commented on it in my slimmer days
I once worked with a girl who was the spits of Kate Moss. She once went into a shop, and the shop assistants were bitching saying how much weight she'd put on lately shock
Can you tell my job was glamorous!

moonstorm Fri 05-Apr-13 08:54:55

Heidi klum
<glares at op>

moonstorm Fri 05-Apr-13 08:55:15


OlyRoller Fri 05-Apr-13 08:56:40

Nana Mouskouri or Maria Callas

DidyouseeEthel Fri 05-Apr-13 08:57:04

For nearly 20 years I was told I was the image of princess Diana, not so much now as people forget her. My hair has always been longer and floppier though. I just think I look like me dad (he's not famous).

PenelopePisstop Fri 05-Apr-13 09:00:44

I am a dead ringer for Madge Allsop (Dame Edna's bridesmaid). You'd think it was her - if you saw my work ID card!

Wereonourway Fri 05-Apr-13 09:03:53

Daniela westbrook. In her eastenders days. thankfully my nose is all there

DameDoom Fri 05-Apr-13 09:04:32

These are making me howl. To think I had the audacity to post on S&B giving advice shock. Hope no one took it - would be further mortified.

Eskino Fri 05-Apr-13 09:04:42

I think I'm the spit of Jimmy Carr but people have said I look like Belinda Carlisle when she was in the charts.

Ezza1 Fri 05-Apr-13 09:06:44

Good day Leo Sayer.

Bad day The Doc bloke from Back to the Future.

No fucking hope for me sad sad

KayHunt Fri 05-Apr-13 09:08:11

When I was a child I was repeatedly told I looked like Natalie Cassidy... hmm

daddyorchipsdaddyorchips Fri 05-Apr-13 09:08:26

I get Holly Willobooby. I cannot see it myself but its happened so many times that I am willing to take it! There are worse people to look like!

CajaDeLaMemoria Fri 05-Apr-13 09:12:53

Britney Spears before she shaved her hair and went mad... I've never believed it, but we got mobbed in a coffee shop when I was 16, and I posed with a group of tourists to make them leave us alone.

It's happened around twice a year since, so someone must be able to see it! I can't, though. DP finds it hilarious.

catinboots Fri 05-Apr-13 09:15:17

Garth from Wayne's world

Wishfulmakeupping Fri 05-Apr-13 09:21:24

I've been told by a few randoms now I look like khloe kardashian which I will take as a compliment even those she's described as the ugly sister

PollyIndia Fri 05-Apr-13 09:23:49

Did they Heidi klum friend say you looked like vic reeves op? She sounds like a frenemy! My friend told me I reminded her of lady gaga the other day.
Not sure why... Maybe it's that meat dress i keep wearing.

noddyholder Fri 05-Apr-13 09:26:07

In te 80s I got belida Carlisle all the time. Then Kate wins let when she was heavy once she got fit ....never enjoined again grin

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