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To be struggling with having long nails?

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hiddenhome Thu 04-Apr-13 23:39:30

When I say 'long' I don't mean very long I just mean quite a bit longer than my usually bitten down to the bone nails blush

How do you:

Clean your ears - gooey
Wash your bottom shock - scratchy
Remove your mooncup confused - scary
Pick your nose hmm - annoying

Life just isn't the same.

AIBU to be struggling like this?

mumblecrumble Fri 05-Apr-13 00:31:27

Agree.... have grown mine for sisters wedding on Monday. Ditto with hair. Driving me up the bloody wall....

TigOldBitties Fri 05-Apr-13 00:43:04

You'll get used to them. My SIL has nails like these and lives a perfectly normal life doing most of the things you've listed.

KansasCityOctopus Fri 05-Apr-13 00:44:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ToysRLuv Fri 05-Apr-13 01:00:31

hiddenhome: I know exactly how you feel.

When I have long nails I feel almost disabled (in a tiny little non-serious way). Like I would if I tired to do things around the house walking on stilts.

Ripped my acrylics off very soon after they were put on for my wedding. Ooh.. sweet freedom!!!!!

BOF Fri 05-Apr-13 01:12:32

Tip: use a flannel to wash your arse wink

Selks Fri 05-Apr-13 01:50:11

Long nails do make doing things difficult; that is why upper class ladies had them in days gone by, to show that they did not have to do any menial work - they had servants to do it for them.

You don't have to have long nails; I don't, out of choice.

BeribbonedGibbon Fri 05-Apr-13 01:51:44

Is this a joke?

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