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and the award for shittest prize ever goes to - 7 for all mankind!

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What a load of cock! I won a £300 voucher through Mumsnet and bought some jeans and sunglasses with it through the website, jeans didn't fit and the sunnies were boggin' in RL so I returned them. Now I can't use the code again so I have actually ended up worse off than before I won the prize as I had to pay postage to return the items. bunchacunts. And the jeans and sunniest cost £325 and I had to email them repeatedly to get the £25 back. angry

Thanks, NatashaMumsnet is on the case, I'm sure she'll get it sorted! smile
If not I'll have a look at those links.

LittleEdie Sat 06-Apr-13 01:32:16

I love their jeans. The only ones that look good on me. Hence me clicking on this thread!

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