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To just bloody hate judgemental family members who think the sun shines out of their arses

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M0naLisa Thu 04-Apr-13 13:50:35

Long story short. My cousin asked a question on fb about IDS and his claim that if he had to he would live on £53 per week. Arrogant cousin said 'no one lives off that, that's stupid and what does it actually pay for?

People replied.
Her dad replied and basically slagged off benefit claimants in general. Saying they sit on their bone idle arses watching sky tv playing on Xbox and on their frigging iPhones. £53 buys them their fags and bingo!!

My sister jumped in and said she barely has £53 to live on after bills have gone out. She doesn't have £53 to buy a weekly shop and that being a single parent is fucking hardwork (her words)

Uncle then replies with 'I know a single parent and she's A FUCKING REAL GRAFTER' (meaning his daughter and having a dig at my sister for not working)

I said it wasn't fair what he just said. Status got deleted!

The difference is our single cousin (uncles daughter) has mummy and daddy to rely on for child care when she needs it but yet my sister can't rely on our mum and dad as they both work. Uncle and aunt have own business so doesn't matter to them.

Am I being unreasonable to think the more 'better' classes (as they like to think of themselves) are arrogant when it comes to understanding how welfare and benefits work?

AlfalfaMum Thu 04-Apr-13 14:25:52


Your uncle sounds like a lovely, compassionate individual hmm

Hope your sister is ok.

BenjaminButton172 Thu 04-Apr-13 15:15:35

What a lovely bunch of twats they are.

How come it is the people who have never been on benefits that slag it off. Oh yeah thats coz they have no fucking idea how hard it is.

I had to claim benefits because my husband walked out and made me a single parent. I had to leave my job and move areas.

For 6 years i have brought up my dd by myself and its only in the last year that i have worked. But i am a scrounger while my dds 'dad' gets to live the life of luxury. Pay nothing for his child but yet i am the bad person.

Sorry rant over.

DoJo Thu 04-Apr-13 18:29:12

I don't think everyone's like that - I have never claimed benefits and nor has anyone in my family, but that's mostly down to luck, and it's a lifestyle I don't think many people would choose. I certainly don't think it's an easy option or one for the lazy. The problem is that the media jump on every single isolated case of where someone is somehow managing to play the system and seems to be living the life of riley which gives an entirely unrealistic picture of what an 'average' benefits claimant is like, ignoring the fact that most people live hand to mouth, work like stink just to keep their household running on a pittance and still have to listen to the uneducated tell them how lucky they are. Don't let the few with no clue convince you that everyone lucky enough not to need to rely on benefits thinks the way they do.

M0naLisa Thu 04-Apr-13 19:18:02

It upset my sister and I had to hold back. Mum told me not to get involved. Although I do want to put on the cryptic statuses to my sister telling her to get off the Xbox, record EastEnders on sky and text me back on her iphone ;-) but I won't grinwink

Yes they are arrogant.

My sister just put a status on saying
'Be nice to people below you because you'll meet them on the way back down'


AlfalfaMum Thu 04-Apr-13 21:01:23

Good for her!

She could also quote Jesse Jackson: "Don't look down on anyone unless you are helping them up."

Yeah, I'd be tempted to wind them up a bit too, ask your sister what brand of flat screen tv she recommends and tag the Uncle grin

Gossipmonster Thu 04-Apr-13 21:02:30

Excellent - another benefits thread smile

M0naLisa Thu 04-Apr-13 21:08:29

Thankfully I don't have the uncle on Facebook wink

Yes another 'arrogant benefits thread'

thezebrawearspurple Thu 04-Apr-13 21:28:21

Delete them.

olivertheoctopus Thu 04-Apr-13 21:39:12

YANBU. Your uncle is a nob!

M0na I am sorry your sister was upset - that sounds tough. I don't doubt what you're saying (that your uncle is a knob! grin) but - general point here - can we not say 'hey, bloody well done' to single parents who do/can work whilst acknowledging of course that some can't? hmm

I really do admire a lot of people who work very hard in difficult circumstances and often in low paid jobs as well.

M0naLisa Thu 04-Apr-13 23:16:17

Yes my cousin does work full time a nursery worker so she gets most of her child care paid for plus she has mummy and daddy to have daughter when she can't have we at nursery. (And anyone else who'll have her) where as sister had to finish her job because her ex wouldn't have his son. Our parents both work as couldn't change our to accommodate her needs. She had no choice but to finish work. And then they call her? I didn't like it.

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