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"I don't want to pay for you to stay at home, get a job and pay for yourselves!"...

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MrsRajeshKoothrappali Tue 02-Apr-13 22:10:03

Nice, no?

My first EVER experience of benefit bashing on facebook - thought my friends were more intellegent than that.

This came from someone who's currently on govt maternity pay and was asking me the other week how to claim tax credits. hmm

I'm currently on SSP. Nervous breakdown. Fecking hideous.

She made me feel shite. Christ knows how people far worse off than me are made to feel.


Removed and blocked.

Now I can see what a lot of other posters mean about 'facebook thickos/benefit bashing'.

Am actually surprised about how irritated I am. This is the most emotion I've shown in weeks..!


YouTheCat Tue 02-Apr-13 22:11:47

There's been plenty of it on here today from a few dubious posters.

AdoraBell Tue 02-Apr-13 22:14:05

She's being an arse, ignore her. I hope you recover from your illness.

BabylonReturns Tue 02-Apr-13 22:15:45

Look after yourself MrsRajesh you've done the best thing in blocking and deleting. Now concentrate on your recovery and ignore the thickos. smile

SoftKittyWarmKitty Tue 02-Apr-13 22:17:21

Before deleting this delightful 'friend' of yours, you should have perhaps mentioned the fact that she asked you how to claim TCs and stated 'pot, kettle, black'. Some people can't see further than the end of thir own nose.

Hope you recover soon.

foxache Tue 02-Apr-13 22:17:55

It is interesting that the people who get most angry about benefits are the ones who are first to claim when their time comes.

Don't let it get you down MrsRaj, though I can see how it's hurtful. There's a lot of intolerance around everywhere at the moment. Many BBC 'factual' progammes seem to be about benefits lately, I wonder if they're being put up to it?

TheSecondComing Tue 02-Apr-13 22:19:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsRajeshKoothrappali Tue 02-Apr-13 22:22:34

Nah, too late. Blocked her now.

It would cause a ruckus. She's married to DP's mate and they're pretty close. No point causing awkwardness.

Besides, I get the feeling it would be like talking to a wall.


ballstoit Tue 02-Apr-13 22:23:51

Well, she's not paying for anyone is she, if she's on SMP confused

Don't take it personally, I used to try and argue back, but the 'I don't mean you, you deserve benefits, I mean all the scroungers' response gets old pretty quickly.

Hope your recovery is going well and that karma doesn't bite the fb friends are too hard

foslady Tue 02-Apr-13 22:25:25

I'm glad got mad MrsRajesh - a little step to recovery for you I hope.....rather than just being upset about it.

And she really is a stupid cow isn't she, not seeing her situation in the bigger picture???

Tanith Tue 02-Apr-13 22:28:25

My love, why are giving this silly woman's thoughts even a moment of consideration??

Block, ignore and be thankful you're shot of her!

FayeKorgasm Tue 02-Apr-13 22:29:43

Just remember MrsR you will get better, she will always be an arse!

Get well soon.

WireCatWhore Tue 02-Apr-13 22:30:21

She's an absolute cunt.

MrsRajeshKoothrappali Tue 02-Apr-13 22:30:56

She's a bit dense generally, I'm not too bothered.

Just suddenly saw what all of these threads were about. I'd kind of been going 'meh' at most of them and thinking people weren't actually like that.

My work are paying my SSP, not the tax payer my ex friend out of her maternity pay , but still. It's not the point!

You know that feeling when you've realised someone is a moron? I have that feeling.
More irritance than upset.

I'm fine now I know you all agree with me!!

<wonders if she's on MN..>

SoftKittyWarmKitty Tue 02-Apr-13 22:35:40

Ha ha ballstoit, I get the same response all the time. In fact I had it today when discussing the economy and benefit changes with a friend. I work pt and claim WTCs and a very small amount of LHA. Friend said the country was full of scroungers on benefits, I pointed out that most people in receipt of benefits actually work and that I'm one of those scroungers in receipt of benefits, and I got 'I don't mean you, you work hard so deserve them' hmm. I know she meant well but unless you're in a particular situation, many people just don't get it.

ElliesWellies Tue 02-Apr-13 22:40:55

The whole 'get a job' thing. It is bloody hard to 'get a job'. My sister graduated with a good degree from a good university two years ago. It took her months to get anything at all. She is still temping now. Luckily she still lives with my parents - otherwise she'd be on and off benefits a lot depending on when she was getting work. These people are having a bloody laugh with 'get a job'.

MrsRajeshKoothrappali Wed 03-Apr-13 14:41:27

Am much calmer about it now!


Cheers, everyone!!

Always nice to know I'm not overreacting!!

Catchingmockingbirds Wed 03-Apr-13 14:48:55

I read that if you earn £15,000 then only £24.26 per year goes to unemployment benefits, £25,000 is £56.74 per year and if you earn £50,000 then you only pay £141.12 per year to unemployment benefits. It's such a small percentage of earnings, yet apparently it's enough to make some people feel they can belittle others over it.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 03-Apr-13 14:56:24

Well, I agree with her. If you are married to a famous astrophysicist, you shouldn't be claiming anything grin

[thank] Good luck with your health.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 03-Apr-13 14:56:48

Dammit thanks

Catchingmockingbirds Wed 03-Apr-13 15:00:05

Ah but mrspratchett, her dh and his colleagues don't earn a huge wage, luckily there is the small family fortune her PIL's have grin

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 03-Apr-13 15:01:40

Well Dr Cooper manages to save. I don't know, sounds like Dr and Mrs Koothrappali need to budget better. wink

Catchingmockingbirds Wed 03-Apr-13 15:06:32

Yes that is true, maybe cut down on the amount of take aways they get!

ThinkAboutItOnBoxingDay Wed 03-Apr-13 15:07:26

Sadly it is what a lot of people think. I just have to keep believing that the pendulum will swing back once the human suffering of cutting benefits becomes too visible to ignore.

Just think back to 1997 and the relief felt when labour won. It's like we have some great national masochistic need to suffer every few years and then eventually (usually when it hits the majority) everyone says enough is enough and our humanity returns.

But ignore the Facebook fuckwits in the meantime.sad

SoWhatIfImWorkingClass Wed 03-Apr-13 15:08:36

Benefit bashing is nothing but ignorance and full on stupidity. The thing is these idiots that call people who claim benefits just choose to "assume" that they are paying for you. Making themselves out to be really hard done by and calling anyone who dares claim any sort of benefit.

Benefits cover a whole range of different circumstances, such as being unemployed, being off sick such as yourself OP, being a single parent, disabilities, being on maternity leave such as your idiot friend OP, and what benefit bashes also don't realise is that a lot of working people/ families claim benefit AS WELL AS working, such as tax credits and housing benefit.

My DP's cousin is a stupid cunt who hates anyone on benefits, and is so so so unbeliavably ignorant I could throttle him. He looks down on my DP for not working, claiming that being a SAHD for the time being whilst I work is a pathetic excuse and apparently my DP doesn't work as "we get more money." Ha! What a joke, we were way better off before he got made redundant! He is looking for work again but at the time before I finished for mat leave it made sense that he stayed at home and we used the opportunity to not have to pay for child care whilst I worked. I am now on maternity leave so he must think he's paying for me to stay off work for a few months now lol. (And no my pregnancy wasn't planned....)

I wonder who is paying for his student grants/ loans??? Idiot.

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