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Bloody Bloody ParcelFarce - Does anyone have senior contact details?

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LayMizzRarb Tue 02-Apr-13 12:23:29

I have sent this email to Moya Greene, chief exec at Parcel Force, using the address, but have had no reply.

Can anybody suggest any other ParcelFarce/Royal Mail email address formats?

Dear Ms Greene

I received a letter delivered by my postman on Saturday 30th March, in a Parcelforce branded envelope. The envelope contained a card informing me that a delivery had been attempted on 27th March at my home address XXX XXX, and that the parcel has been taken to my local branch of WHSmith. Unfortunately the tracking number are undecipherable (as are the details of the driver and the route), and cannot be found on the Parcelforce website, but I can send you a photograph of the card, and I am sure that you will be able to trace who completed the card.

I was in all day on Thursday. Delivery was never attempted. The very fact that the card was not put through my door and was posted through the Royal Mail illustrates this fact. I went on to the Parcelforce Website to rearrange delivery for this Friday, 5 th April.

I received a phone call this morning from XXX, in the Charlton Parcelforce Depot, who informed me (in a very rude manner) that now that the parcel had been delivered to a Post Office Branch that this was 'the end of the delivery process' . I asked to speak to his manager, and he would not let me speak to anyone, and refused to give me an email address for anyone, and told me that if I wanted to complain I should write a letter and post it to XXXXX, his manager. (He would not give me the managers surname)

I am disabled, and rely on the internet to do my shopping, as I am unable to walk to/around the shops. With every other delivery company in the country this is a very effective way of shopping. If I am not in, a card is put through my door, and I rearrange delivery. In this instance, the Parcelforce driver did not even attempt to complete his/her round, and instead, took the lazy option of just filling out the cards, dumping and sending them through the post.

This is not good enough. The sender paid for delivery to my address, not a satellite destination (as per the contract between them and Parcelforce).

I am unable to get to the Post Office branch in question, without using a taxi. I am also unable to walk and carry a parcel as I use walking aids. I refuse to spend £10-15 on a wait and return taxi, as a result one of your employees being lazy and not doing thier job properly.

I would like to request that the parcel in question is either delivered to me between 5th - 9th April, or that you provide a taxi for me to go and collect the parcel.

If you require a photo of the delivery card, or the postal envelope, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks


annh Tue 02-Apr-13 12:47:35

When did you send the email? This morning? This is the first working day since Easter so I would leave a little more time before deciding that you are not getting a response to this email.

MrsZoidberg Tue 02-Apr-13 13:07:01

Are you able to ring them as I find I can get a lot more action via the phone? It's easier to ignore an email or put it to one side.

Can you ring the WHSmiths branch and ask for advice on how to get the parcel to you? I would say "back to you" but I would strongly assume it never came near you in the first place!

If it's parcelforce, have you contacted the sender as they may be able to provide some pressure (I have done this in the past when my customers have had issues with deliveries) as there should be some sort of tracking.

Good Luck!

Tee2072 Tue 02-Apr-13 13:22:07

Honestly, I didn't read the whole email. It is very repetitive. It is possible she rolled her eyes and deleted it.

Next time, state the facts once and then state what you want done.

"It is obvious no delivery was attempted as I was home. I expect it to be redelivered on X date or I will take this further. I also would like X amount in compensation"

Or similar.

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