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to ask for good luck vibes as in court tomorrow evicting non-paying tenant

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fatnfrumpy Tue 02-Apr-13 01:09:13

I am so stressed- have been since Oct when our tenant decided if he didn,t pay any rent the council will rehome him!
I have no idea what will happen in court tomorrow. Our solicitor says tenant will be a no show and if evicted will sit there till baliffs appointed by the court go round in another TWO weeks.
All the while he is there not paying to use our brand new washer/dryer, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, oven etc.
Nor paying any bills or council tax.
We have worked hard/paid tax all our working lives for some 25+ years.
Got some inheritance sadly as my DM died and as the banks are paying peanuts we decided to invest it in a flat on a buy to let mortage for our pension/childrens inheritance etc.
Bought smart flat, bought new carpets, kitchen, bathroom. Top notch with all built in appliences etc
Hoped to attract a professional couple as two bedroom near station to commute to London , all good!
Agent finds us a tenant- newly seperated man in 40's who needs two bedrooms/garden so he can have son at the weekend. Earns 40k as chef in town. no references as he lived with wife before.
Trusted agent to check his salary etc.
They move him in whilst we are on holiday, before we even had a chance to meet him.
He says he has problems with direct debit with OUR bank so his first 3 months rent are LATE. Don't worry he says! we accept his offer of bank transfer in future.
Next 3 months rent are LATE but he now offers to pay us cash.
Neighbours complain he is threatening them with violence, stealing their parcels ( signed for a laptop and sportsbag in their name but said he hadn't . Police called nothing done!)
and drug dealing from our beautiful flat!
Police have staked out our flat from neighbours flat for days on end, but not arrested him, even though he has up to 30 visitors a day there for less than ten minutes!
Asked neighbours if they have seen underage girls going in our flat!
Turns out when I checked, he doesn't work, hasnt paid any bills,gas meter has been changed to a prepaid card meter, council tax are after him etc etc
In court tomorrow to evict him as he has not paid any rent since last October although we have a mortage to pay!!!
Turns out he has been getting £560 per month HOUSING BENEFIT from last APRIL He has told the court he NEEDS to be evicted by bailiffs 30days after the court date otherwise HE has made HIMSELF homeless and won't get a council house!!!!!!
He is not from the UK nor from the EU so how can that be?
I am dreading tomorrow especially not knowing what state our flat is in as we have not been allowed in their since October as we were HASSLING him!
Please send me good vibes!

fatnfrumpy Wed 03-Apr-13 01:03:54

Thank you so much Wibblypiglikesbananas for your kind words!

Wibblypiglikesbananas Wed 03-Apr-13 01:48:27

I hope you get this sorted out. What a horrible man, eh? Best of luck!

holidaysarenice Wed 03-Apr-13 04:04:53

Check your guarantee agreement, you may find that it covers subsequent contracts too, tho with you taking over that may be invalid.

Timetoask Wed 03-Apr-13 05:36:51

Show awful for you!
I hope you report him to the police for the drug dealing!

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