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to think these comments/photos are attention seeking?

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BenderLovableRobot Mon 01-Apr-13 23:58:36

For once this is not Facebook - it's Instagram!

A woman I know posts a photo of herself standing in front of a mirror and comments on it saying - my head is too big for my body.

She also posts a photo of just her legs with a gap inbetween with the comment - Forgot to eat again.

(This woman isn't anorexic by the way, she is a very keen skater and surfs too almost every day - she therefore has a good body)

I just think she enjoys people telling her how skinny she looks etc.

Or maybe aibu and just wish I was that skinny wink

EllenParsons Tue 02-Apr-13 00:02:42

Yanbu, she sounds really annoying and attention seeking

FrickingFedUp Tue 02-Apr-13 00:03:58

How old is she? 12? Very juvenile. Ignore.

YouTheCat Tue 02-Apr-13 00:05:13

Comment with 'Doh, forgot to think again' grin

WorraLiberty Tue 02-Apr-13 00:05:51

Yes she's seeking attention

But I'm not sure why you're bothered?

Lots of people seek attention with photos whether it's through posting photos of their babies/dinner/gifts they've received etc...

If it's not your thing, just skip it by and pay no more mind to it.

BenderLovableRobot Tue 02-Apr-13 00:07:25

She's 24.

I also know she's a vegan - and like I said in OP - surfs/skates and goes to the gym practically every day. So yeah it doesn't take a genius to work out that if you follow that then you aren't exactly going to have a muffin top.

Glad I'm not being a bitch by thinking - "oh just fuck off with your attention seeking photos"

aldiwhore Tue 02-Apr-13 00:09:26

Attention seekers are annoying at times but really there is no real crime committed, and actually if someone is truly attention seeking that may mean they genuinely need some... if you want ASK after all!!

The sort of pics and obsessive behaviour you describe does not make a person more attractive though, it makes them less so, which is a shame for the person who wants the attention, and inevitably they won't attract the right kind.

Hide the pics if they rattle you.

BenderLovableRobot Tue 02-Apr-13 00:10:29

But Worra I have had sleepless nights and I am also considering counseling over it too.

Or rather I just look on my instagram newsfeed and her photos popped up (do not think it is like Facebook where you can just hide it) - I have since deleted her.

But see AIBU is this mostly great place where people can just moan about whatever crap they want to - serious or non-serious. It doesn't mean they are seriously bothered about it.

DramaLlamaFarmer Tue 02-Apr-13 00:11:20

Just ignore it, I would. Can't really be bothered to be worked up by that kind of thing. Of course it is attention seeking but if you pay no attention....

WorraLiberty Tue 02-Apr-13 00:11:30

You're not being a bitch for thinking it, but why does it bother you?

I tend to sigh and scroll by all the people who post photos for the sake of it, but I really don't think any more of it.

My news feed can range from anything from pics of puppies to sunday dinners to baby's every single move.

DramaLlamaFarmer Tue 02-Apr-13 00:14:06

Worra didn't say you were being dramatic or particularly bothered. Just that she couldn't see why it would bother you! Same as I said.

MsBella Tue 02-Apr-13 00:16:59

I used to automatically think 'attention seeker!!' at these types of things BUT no, not always- she could just be being honest, she knows she is thin and that could be all it is. These comments don't sound too annoying or attention seeking to me

Its very likely that she is just kind of documenting parts of her life. I mean come on.. she is thin, she says she is thin I don't see a problem personally

BenderLovableRobot Tue 02-Apr-13 00:18:01

Oh for goodness sake. I shall bite my tongue instead of responding to you Worra

I know how infamous the pouncers are on here.

WorraLiberty Tue 02-Apr-13 00:18:09

Thanks Drama that's what I meant grin

What the OP describes would bother me no more than endless pics of Sunday dinners that really should be eaten rather than left to go cold while being photographed.

I also have no interest in seeing toddlers sitting on a potty in the hope their first shit will make an appearance for the proud parents...

WorraLiberty Tue 02-Apr-13 00:20:41

Ahhh X posted OP.

Ok well in that case I can offer no more advice/opinions since they appear to have struck a nerve or something?

Apologies if they haven't and there's some other reason you feel you're being 'pounced on' when you're clearly not?

SongoftheSiren Tue 02-Apr-13 00:21:32

Worra please just give it a rest. Sometimes it's nice to just rant and to have a little moan as an anonymous person.

I see many things on AIBU and think wow that would never bother me. But that's me and people are different. I would just comment saying YABU or YANBU.

DramaLlamaFarmer Tue 02-Apr-13 00:21:33

Oh how insensitive you are Worra! I will now have to have a moment of sobbing into my pillow that nobody wants to see a photo of my well thought out sunday dinner. We had 99p hot wings and everything. <sad face>

DramaLlamaFarmer Tue 02-Apr-13 00:24:12

To be fair OP, if every response was either YABU or the extra letter that makes you feel vindicated then it would be kinda boring...wink

WorraLiberty Tue 02-Apr-13 00:28:30

I see many things on AIBU and think wow that would never bother me. But that's me and people are different. I would just comment saying YABU or YANBU.

Well thank god we're not all the same.

Can you imagine this topic if all that was posted was....





It might as well be called AIBUTDOSP [Am I Being Unreasonable To Do A Straw Poll]

Drama you didn't upload the beans and that's a fatal mistake.

Righto off to bed...but genuinely sorry OP if you've taken offence in some way that passes me by

Night all

Machli Tue 02-Apr-13 00:35:38

I'd be tempted to comment "who cares?now cover up ffs you're putting me right off my Full English with extra black pudding!" Is commenting an option on Instagram?

glub Tue 02-Apr-13 00:41:47

yes it is attention seeking. i'd think she was an idiot. or massively insecure with an eating/body image disorder. 'my head is too big for my body' is quite possibly in reference to the fact that people are sometimes called lollipop-like when they are too thin. i wouldn't hate her though. don't tell her she needs a sandwich for example. just don't comment. she might just be lovely if rather vain/troubled.
she didn't direct the photo at you did she? and so unless e.g. you have discussed with her your own food/weight issues (as in being overweight), and she is therefore being massively insensitive, deleting her is a bit harsh, if she is some kind of mate.

SongoftheSiren Tue 02-Apr-13 00:44:57

I didn't mean just comment saying purely one word.

I just wouldn't hound the OP and keep asking yes but why does it bother you?

Sometimes on aibu people will post and will have forgotten about the reason they posted the next day.

I'm saying don't take it too seriously.

DramaLlamaFarmer Tue 02-Apr-13 00:45:13

Fucking beans.....fucking unreasonable....*Worra*.....

oh why don't you just....just....change your name to something referring to beans. Hmm? Why don't you? <always knew there was a bean agenda>

SongoftheSiren Tue 02-Apr-13 00:47:35

deleting her is a bit harsh

Come on I've lost count of how many times people post about Facebook and get told you can delete the person.

Yet when someone does it's considered harsh? The MN world is extremely odd.

If someone got upset because someone stopped following them on Instagram then they would be leading a rather dull life.

WorraLiberty Tue 02-Apr-13 00:51:11

I wouldn't hound the OP either

However, if I was interested in asking her why it bothers her... in other words trying to ascertain whether it's because she's bored of lame photos, or whether it's purely to do with weight issues (inferred in the last line of her OP) then I'll ask why it bothers her.

You know, since she's asked the question "Or maybe aibu and just wish I was that skinny".

Hope that clears things up for you SongoftheSiren and now I really must turn in.


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