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to approach new boss and ask this so soon

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MrsPatrickDempsey Mon 01-Apr-13 23:11:15

Started new job at the beginning of feb. After a month or so of induction and orientation across the whole department (very interesting but not directly relevant) I have been undertaking my normal job on the delivery suite, working day and night shifts for only two weeks.

I have worked shifts for 16 yrs and am now really having a problem with nights. I took my new job because it is nearer to home (no 45 min drive after a night) and the shift is a bit shorter. But I am not coping. Nights make me physically sick. I am a crap sleeper in general and therefore panic that I will be so tired I will cock up big time - obviously with mega consequences as a mw. I don't quite feel up to speed in my new environment yet and this is adding to my anxiety.

I know I should approach my boss and explain this but I don't want to get off to a bad start and I feel a bit pathetic. I already went off sick for one night (this honestly was a genuine absence) but I just don't feel able to work nights at the moment. Should I go to Occ Health instead or if not, how should I word it to my manager? Am I being precious?

PS I am looking at alternative employment which does not involve nights.

anonymosity Mon 01-Apr-13 23:14:36

You know I'd keep with it and look for the alternative employment. Its not a good start, as you say yourself in an environment that requires nights.

Is there any other way of helping you manage the time-changes, in terms of diet and exercise? Can you have calming herbal teas while there?

Hope things improve for you and I'm sure someone with better advice will turn up soon.

WorraLiberty Mon 01-Apr-13 23:16:44

I hate to say it but I think looking for employment that doesn't involve nights is the way to go...and until then you should probably suck it up.

The reason I say that is, because I know at least 7 people who work nights (including DH) and they all feel sick. It affects all of them in terms of eating/going to the toilet/trying to sleep in the day.

It's just the way it is really when accepting a job that involves night shifts.

BruisedFanjo Tue 02-Apr-13 01:43:12

How do the shifts work? Are you on all nights or a mixture of days and nights? And do you have fixed days off? Asking for a slight tweak isn't out of order, such as, can you do all nights to get you into a routine (I'm guessing nights aren't popular!) Or can you have your night shift the day before your day off so you can catch up on sleep etc.

Must say though, unless you have a health reason (confirmed by doc) for not doing them, then as much as I'm sure you're great at your job and should be supported, it will come across as taking the piss. They will have assumed that, on taking the job, you would have assessed how you would manage etc.

If you're truly not coping then you'll have to bring it up with your manager or occ health - or even take a trip to the gp? Look at how you're managing personal time too - any time there you could be spending preparing for the night shift? If I'm on a late I sleep in as late as possible before I start. Wastes the day, I know id rather spend it doing other stuff but job has to come first.

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 02-Apr-13 02:35:39

I worked nights for a couple of years recently. Immigration, so I had to have a job no one else wanted smile I felt like crap. In the end, it gives you a curtailed life. Almost all diseases are increased in people working nights. Look after yourself but ultimately everyone who works nights feels as you do, shit.

RedHelenB Tue 02-Apr-13 08:29:23

If you're a midwife you will always have to work nights, even if you have a community role you have to do some hospital work periodically. Seems a funny choice of job for someone who can't work nights & surely you had to do them in your training? I think YABVU - sorry!

TaggieCampbellBlack Tue 02-Apr-13 08:42:20

Nights are shit. I hate them with a passion. I've just finished 13 hours and driven home on the verge of pooing my pants and just made it to the loo.

I don't sleep well in the day, my guts are irritable, my skin is zitty, my eyes are sore and i have to do it all again tonight.

I. Hate. Nights.

Unfortunately though, if I want to work in the department I do, nights are unavoidable. So for now, I have to.

I do know some people who do ward based stuff who can't do nights (depression, epilepsy, pregnancy related).

I think you need to talk to your manager and occ health.

Good luck.

livinginwonderland Tue 02-Apr-13 08:46:06

midwifery is pretty much a career that guarantees you have to do nights at some point. i don't think you'll be able to find a job within that career that doesn't require you to work them at some point.

saying that, i hate nights and i wouldn't pick a job that required them. i work shifts, i start at the earliest 6am and finish at the latest 10pm. yesterday i worked 6-2, so was up at 4.30am and in bed sleeping by about 8pm. however, today i work until 10pm, but i was awake again at 4.30am. it's horrible, and nights would totally screw up my sleep.

ENormaSnob Tue 02-Apr-13 09:44:55

Can you ask to rotate to clinic or any other area that doesn't do nights?

Unless there is a clinical need then I think you should be doing your fair share of nights tbh.

I do permanent nights as I hate early shifts but accept that I have to do some. To refuse would be unfair to my colleagues.

MammaTJ Tue 02-Apr-13 10:43:08

If it is just one week out of every month it is hard to get used to but it is just one week.

I do permanent nights but that suits me, yes I feel tired and I feel sick but I cope.

I really don't see you getting a job you are qualified in where you don't have to work nights though.

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